Hi everyone! So glad it is almost the weekend wiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Any interesting plans for the weekend? We're going to our godson's 8th birthday party and I'm still hesitating what to get him. He has too much of everything and does not appreciate gifts more than, what is it? 10 minutes? It is kind of frustrating really. Last year we took him for a day visit to the Transport Museum in Lucerne, and he loved it! It was pretty amazing. But this year we cannot spend all day out with our baby, and we're really having a cut down in presents budget. I guess I'll sort it out, eventually. Would you have any ideas?
Today I wanted to share with you my mani using Art de Lautrec n° 34 because this is one of my favourites purples. It has some subtle shimmer on it, making it more interesting.

What are your thoughts about this colour? Do you own any Art de Lautrec polihes?

Have a nice weekend!
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