NOTD: Chanel Le Vernis 563 Vertigo

My sweet husband has been to the US on September, and guess what he got me?
A bunch of Chanel's Fall collection goodies including the beautiful Chanel's brown polish for Fall 2012 563 Vertigo! It took me a while of admiring the bottle before I decided to actually wear it!

This is a beautiful shade of brown with the "subtle" shimmer typical of Chanel. Shimmer is only visible on the bottle, but not on the nail, and I really like it that way.

 The application on this was smooth and the formula was great self leveling and it dried quite fast.

It looks like a beautiful dusty dark brown creme...

... yet, you know it is not ;)

What do you think? Worthy or not get this polish?

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  1. My bottle isn't that brown, it's more like a deep purple with subtle shimmer :) Hmm maybe I have a bad bottle !!

    1. Hi Vicky! I don't think your bottle is a bad one! May be is the light, I haven't got a good lighting while taking the pictures. I have some bottle comparison for you... but I only own 2 other dark browns :P

  2. How cute of your husband to purchase them to you! For me I think that they are too pricey (studying and with no income) and that I colorwise could get a dupé of a cheaper brand. Application maybe this is better than the budget, or maybe not. For me it is a money issue. About the subtle shimmer, I think that it's easy to get disappointed IF you buy it cuz' of the bottle and then wont get the desired result when painting it on the nails. However this sort of polishes can look so great and have such depth since of the subtleness of the shimmer so for that reason they are great. The importance is just that you know it ahead of buying it, so you'll know what to expect. That's my experiences with this kind of polishes in general.(not the brand) :)

    1. Oh, Gelic, if you only knew how expensive Chanel products are in Switzerland! This polish costs 37 USD here, while "only" 26USD in USA. Well, this is my birthday + Christmas present all-in-one. I'll made a post about the other makeup stuff.
      I know about the subtle shimmer and really like it. In fact my favourite finish is a creme, then sth that looks like a cream but slightly deeper is perfect for me! But of course, I don't own many chanel polishes, and this is more like a luxury TREAT... ;)

  3. Such a beautiful polish!!! And so nice of your husband. I got Vertigo and Suspicius from my boyfriend!!!! Seems like we're lucky gals ;-)))

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