Nov 7, 2012

Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Lipgloss, Lipstick & Shimmer Powder

Hello dears, how are you doing today? Happy or sad with the latest news?
I want to apologize to my dear friends and readers, because I haven't answered to their nice comments, and haven't been reading a lot of blogs either. It's been two days I'm feeling unwell, I must have caught the flew or something and  now is my baby who has it and he has a temperature too. So I'll post what I've scheduled in the past and will catch up with all my  reading list when we're all feeling a little better!
Well, I still have these Essence goodies from The twilight Saga Breaking Dawn collection that I haven't showed you. This LE will be available until the end of November, so if you're lucky you might still find them.
Back in October I showed you all of my picks here. Today I have for you the Shimmer Powder, the two lipglosses and the lipstick.
Into the pictures and review:

First is the Shimmer powder in 01 Bella's Choice

As you may see in the pictures,  this shimmer powder is super fine and has not glittery particles, it's more about the golden sheen on your skin, that can be worn in a subtle or more strong effect.

Secondly, I'd like to show you the lipglosses. Honestly I was not going to pick these up at first, but then I tried the testers and thought they were kind of cool. They come in two shades:

Top : 01 Alice had a vision - again
Bottom: 02 Renesmee red

Left: Renesmee red lipgloss
Right: Alice had a vision - again lipgloss

Alice had a vision - again lipgloss
Renesmee red lipgloss
I was pleasantly surprised by Alice had a vision-again, I never thought this would work on me, but I actually kind of like the look, is not giving me the "corps-look"  as I was afraid it would. It has an interesting and very subtle blue shimmer, but that's barely noticeable on my picture. Renesmee red is also pretty and has very subtle shimmer of multiple colours, but is not as unusual shade as the previous one.
I really like these being very glossy but not sticky. So overall not regrets here.

Finally, the lipstick in 01 A piece of forever

I really regret getting this one. It does nothing for me on its own, and it makes me look very yellow-y. I suppose this will end up being layered over something else.

So, I'm done with all vampirey stuff by now! Please, let me know your thoughts on this. Have you picked up any of these?

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  1. So sorry to hear you and your baby are both unwell :( Get well soon, that comes before blogging! I'm liking the look of the shimmer powder, I hate shimmers with glitter particles! Renesmee red lipgloss looks like a lovely pop of colour without being too strong :D I'm a lot more keen to try essence since your posts! xx

    1. Thanks Ithfifi, so nice of you! We're getting better already.
      Essence has many options, they're affordable, but they're not always great, so you really need to try before buying, so you won't have unpleasant surprises.

  2. I haven`t picked up any, but I like Alice had a vision on your lips and another one as well. Shimmering powder looks nice)

    1. Hi Elena, thanks for commenting!

  3. Looking good, especially the shimmer powder!

    1. Hi Judith! yes, the shimmer powder is pretty. Thanks for reading!

  4. I have Renesmee red too && I'm very happy with it! great reviews ;]

  5. You should give the lipstick another chance. I just got it and I think it works really well as a highlighter-very subtle but I think that makes it unique. It also works well layered over another lipstick, again as a highlighter providing a bit of shimmer that draws attention to the lips.

    1. Thanks Meghan! you're right about layering, I'll try some combination ove matte lipstick. But on itself I really don't like it, because I already have a yellow-y complexion.


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