Hello Lovelies! How are you? I'm impatient for the Friday to arrive, because then I'll know who wins the giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, hurry up! you still have time until tomorrow midnight. You can enter by clicking here.

Today is the 15th battle of this challenge, and it's again an inspiration battle: Object vs. fabric. I haven't done any nail art for today, sorry. Nonetheless, I do have a great polish to share with you. When I was thinking what to choose as object of inspiration I came up with a great idea: my pearl necklace! I could not think of a more timeless, elegant and feminine object. It was also the perfect excuse to finally wear my recently acquired Chanel Pearl drop (I had this on sale 50% off! wiii!). I used three thin coats, because it is a sheer polish, and very likely to show brush strokes, and I was so happy with the look that I decided to leave it like this and not doing any nail art.

I meant to take a picture holding my pretty necklace, when I remembered this is still (together with other family jewels) in the Bank safe!! Yes, we started putting all cherished things in the bank's safe whenever we go away on holidays, because there's been much burglary around here lately.
While we are insured against burglary, some things have really not replacement! Like the earrings that belonged to my grandmother, or the necklace my mother gave me when my child was born, and my hubby has as well many memories from his mother, who isn't among us any more. I do like wearing these pieces, but whenever we're on holidays, I prefer they're somewhere safer than my empty house. What do you think? Are we too exaggerated?

So, enough of me babbling, it's your turn to tell me what you think! Do you like this kind of shades? Elegant and feminine or boring and dull?? Let me know your opinion!
Please, don't forget to check what the other participants have done to their nails to represent this battle!
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