Hello my dears! How are you doing today? I'm very excited and impatient to share with you what my hubby brought me from his last trip to the US.
He's been there last week for the whole week, and it was really tough without him. In fact our baby was calling out "dad" every evening and waited and waited staring at the door for his dad to come back home. And he even stay up later than usual waiting for dad. No matter how I explained to him dad was on a trip... he didn't seem to understand.
I also got a little paranoiac during his absence. Yes. Truth is I don't like to say to anyone that my husband is away and that I'm alone with the baby in the house. So I exclude that "detail" of my daily convrsation. Do you find that exaggerated?
Well, now that you're aware of my paranoia, let's move onto the purpose of this post: Four fantastic jawdropping gifts my hubby brought me!

First is the gorgeous so wearable and pigmented Chanel's Eyeshadow quator in "Rafinnement" from the Printemps précieux collection.

Next, the most chic bright lipstick ever, it's Rouge Allure velvet in "la favorite" also new for this season. And if that was all it would have been beyond awesome, but... there's more!!

He got me two OPI nail polishes recently released! One is What Wizardy is this? from the Wizard of Oz collection adn the other is Vant to bite my neck? from the OPI Euro centrale collection!!! I'm so beyond words! I jumped and even did a small dance of joy when I received these. I didn't have much time or sunlight to swatch any of my presents yet,  but you can get prepared to see soon an EOTD using my new Chanel's eye palette, and some NOTD with my new OPIs!
Yay! for the hubby! is he uber cool or what?

Love you all,
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