Mar 17, 2013

NOTD: OPI What Wizardry is this?

 Hello my dears! I hope you had a fantastic and relaxing weekend!
Today I have for you a new nail polish in my stash, given to me by my hubby! It's OPI What Wizardry is this? from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection. This is the odd one out of a soft shades collection, AND it is one of the "Liquid sand" polishes from OPI. Eventually I had to jump on the trend, after all these brands releasing textured polishes. And I got on the trend by the force of circumstances! lol.
picture taken on the shade

What Wizardry is this? Is a dark shade of brown with tons of gold and what seems copper glitter dust.
While I do not dislike the look of the polish, it is the touch that gives me that weird sensation, but I guess is a question of getting used to it. In fact I quite like the look, though this shade needs bright light to come to life, otherwise is kind of meh. 

close-up: see the shimmer?

Application was beyond great. It really made me think it was quite long time since I last wore an OPI shade (I've checked and last time was on the 15th January) and I almost forgot how wonderful it's to apply, the quality of the formula and the goodness of the brush. Drying time was not so fast. In fact I managed to smudge a little while cleaning up, but fix it and it's barely noticeable. I do not know if this kind of liquid sand polishes are slower to dry, or it's just the absence of topcoat, or even it's because of my new base coat? If you have some experience with liquid sand nail polish from OPI, I would love to know your opinion on this matter.

blurry shot to show the sparkles!

So, have you jumped in the "sand paper" trend wagon? what are your thoughts about it? what is your favourite textured shade?


  1. no soy fanatica de estos acabados pero los colores son bonitos

  2. I think it's gorgeous. :-)
    I know that these liquid sand polishes are slower to dry.

  3. This is the only liquid sand polish I consider to buy. But only after seeing swatches with topcoat. I don't really like these textured polishes, but with topcoat, it's gorgeous ;-)

  4. yep, I am undoubtly in the "sand paper" trend wagon ^^
    I looove this polish.

  5. I love the textured finish trend! I've just tried Zoya's Pixie Dust and I love it! This one looks gorgeous on you!

  6. Cool to see this one of the liquid sands, I haven't seen many swatches of it and yours was great. I considered my liquid sand (the blue one) to be very slow drying too. But then again I thought like you, if it could have been the lack of top coat etc.. But I do think they are a bit slow drying, mine took at least 20-30 minutes to get perfectly dry and that's way too much.

  7. Gorgeous on you !!! I was just wearing it last Fri and totally loved it :)

  8. Salut Nati, I am sitting on this wagon since I got the Mariah Carey liquid sands - LOL!!! As above mentioned it does dry a bit slower and this does not relate to the base coat. However I have some polishes in my stash that don't dry any faster if not slower and I find textured polishes a lot easier to "save" if there is a smudge or dent. Take care - bisous

  9. Anonymous18/3/13 18:19

    I really like how this looks, but I just don't seem to get used to the texture and the feel of these liquid sand polishes :-(

  10. I like OPI What Wizardry is this? :-) For me, it was "love at first sight", since the day that I saw first "liquid sand" nail polishes (I don't remember if those were OPI or Zoya or...? but it doesn't matter) till the day when I got my first (and the second, and third) Kiko "liquid sand" nail polish, they called it Kiko Sugar Mat... I didn't have any problems with drying time (2 coats of nail polish).. :-)


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