Hi my lovelies! Welcome to this new nail art challenge I'm following!
This is the first day of the Tri-Polish Challenge hosted by Debbie from The Crumpet blog so I'm going to explain a little bit what this is all about. Basically,
we're given three mandatory colours each month, and we have to choose three polishes in our stash to represent each colour. This month the colours are Coral, Purple and Green, and I've chosen Essie Ole caliente, Sandoz Violeta (the one from Argentina!) and Catrice acidDC to represent each colour respectively.

For all the four manicures of this month I can only use these three polishes. We also get free use of black, white, silver, gold and glitter toppers (that makes it a lot easier!). We ought to do 4 manicures on Tuesday and Thursday of the 3rd and 4th week of the month, and we have to use AT LEAST 2 of the 3 mandatory colours for each manicure, and one manicure has to have all three colours.

To begin with, I was indulgent with myself and started with a manicure including 2 of the 3 colours. I painted my nails with Essie Ole caliente, except my ring finger where I used Catrice acidDC. Then with NYX Ink black fineliner I draw the lines that represent the butterfly wings, added some dots using the above mentioned colours, and topped the whole thing with Essence BTGN top sealer. It looked so strange that I've decided to call it "toxic butterfly", because it looks like a monarch butterfly that got nuclear radiation! lol!

What do you think about it? Is this a look you would wear or I pushed it too far? Let me know your thoughts!
Well, I'm starting to have much fun with this challenge. Next edition on Thursday, so stay tuned. Below you'll find the links to the other participant's fantastic manicures for today!

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