Apr 30, 2013

EOTD: Dior Birds of paradise summer 2013. 5 Couleurs Palette 374 Blue Lagoon

Hello my lovelies!! How are you doing today?
I URGE to share with you my latest makeup purchase for three reasons: it's my first 5-colours palette from DIOR, it's the most gorgeous combo of green-teal-turquoise for summer AND it was really a total bargain! This baby retails in Switzerland for CHF 86.90, which is nearly USD 90. So I was only dreaming to buy it. I went to Mariaunnaud's with my member card, and my coupons. I had -10CHF voucher for any purchase over 80CHF (is on their magazine), plus I had a voucher for loyal customer of 10CHF, plus I still had CHF 54 credit on a a gift card I received for my birthday (oh, yes, so I consider this palette partially a birthday present) in the end I only paid 12.90CHF of my own wallet! so I consider that quite a deal ;)

The first opportunity I got to a bold colourful look, night out with my hubby to the theatre, I went on with this look:

For this look I used the following:

- NYX Above & beyond full coverage concealer in 04Beige
- Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
- Dior 5 Couleurs palette in 374 Blue Lagoon
- Catrice LE Spectaculart Superfine liner pen C01 Black Bindi
- Essence eye pencil in 01 Fragile but feisty
- Sigma brushes E55(Eye shading), E30 (Pencil brush), E40 (Tapered blending)
- Nyx Doll eye Mascara Volume

The eyeshadows were beyond pigmented, so they hold up to the mythical quality of the DIOR 5couleurs palettes. They were also very blendable! You know how sometimes very pigmented shades are "stubborn" and refuse to blend, and you have to work a little more? Well, is not the case. This is blending perfection!
Here's the usual whole face pic-bonus:

And now a little rant: Would I have paid full price for this? Well, honestly NO. It's not worthy. Do not get me wrong, this palette is gorgeous, the product is the highest quality possible, the packaging is ultra chic and the colours are perfect and so lovely! BUT no piece of makeup is worth that amount of money. I'm so sorry, Dior and all the other brands. I'm never buying their makeup again in Switzerland, unless I have 2 or 3 cumulating coupons. This palette costs 60 USD in the US, so whenever my darling or any of our friends is travelling to the US they know they can't be wrong if they bring back one or two treats from Chanel or Dior. Same thing with my beloved YSL foundation, I just order it online. In the UK the YSL foundations cost 40USD against 75USD in Switzerland! Nearly the double. Yes, I'm cheap. But it's only makeup!!!

I'd love to know what you think! Is this Dior collection appealing to you? Have you already succumb to the mermaids chants? lol! What do you think of this look? Would you wear these colours for a night out? I'm now tempted to do a "day" look with this palette so stay tuned!!


  1. The blue colour really suits you and your beautiful eyes! It looks gorgeous! :-)

    1. Thanks Ann-Sofie, you're very kind!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your night at the theatre! I have to say this look absolutely stunning on you, the colours compliment you so well. These are the kind of colours I am drawn to but like you for that price I would have to say pass ~ But if I were lucky enough to stumble across that amazing bargain I would have snapped it up too! I can't believe what an amazing deal. The price comparison between the UK and Switzerland is just crazy! Looking very forward to seeing what you do for your day look with this palette. xx

    1. Thank you Ithi, We really enjoyed it! I feel so flatter by your comment, thanks a lot sweetie, xx

  3. Wow, that is expensive. I think the equivalent price over here is something like £40 (CHF59). I really feel for you.

    But on the upside you look absolutely gorgeous and stunning. And it's nice to have a treat once in a while.


    1. Hi Natalie, thanks reading and commenting! I know elsewhere is cheaper than here. So I mostly shop online, and make a lot of "savings" but once in a while my orders get caught in customs and I have to pay fees, which are outrageous! Once I had to pay $50 to receive some products I'd already payd for the value of $30. so you know, there's not really a good way to save your many here in Switzerland :P

  4. Anonymous1/5/13 17:58

    It really sucks that everything is so expensive here... But good thing you had all those coupons and percentages off and whatnot :-D You scored quite a deal indeed.

    1. Haha, Melissa when you're right, you're right!
      Hope you're doing great. xx

  5. Q lindo luce con tus ojos claros.


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