Hi my lovelies. Today is a very sad day since I learnt some terrible news from my dear polish-friend Christine yesterday. I'm in shock for this news and just want to go through my scheduled post for today without adding any comments. I'm just not in the mood for jokes or funny winks today. Sorry girls.

This post is about all the products I've used up in the past two months, March and April. There's quite a lot so I've decided to split in categories to make it easier.
I'm not writing reviews today, just a short description and whether I'd repurchase the item or not. If there's anything in here that interests you or make you curious to know more about, just ask me in the comments.

Body care:
  • The Body Shop Body butter Duo Floral Acai.  One side for normal skin, one for dry areas. This product takes an 7/10 in my book. Very mosturizing, I love the richer part specially in winter. The lighter is not perfect for me, not rich enough for a butter and too rich for a lotion. The smell is nice. Repurchase: probably not this one (I got tired of the smell). But I would be getting another duo next winter for sure.
  • The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit shower gel: "Mouth-watering soap free cleansing with mosturizing pink grapefruit seed oil". I absolutely love this shower gel. It's a 9/10 for it in my book. The smell is delicious and I'm never tired of it. I love it specially in winter. Repurchase: for sure I will.

 Face care:
  • Aveda   Pure comfort eye makeup remover   oil-free formula gently dissolves Makeup. It's a great remover very gentle, not irritating at all. It gets an  8/10 because it's not the greatest at waterproof makeup removing, but still ok. Repurchase: Yes. Totally recommend this for sensitive eyes.
  • Clarins  Pure Melt Cleansing gel with Marula oil, rinse off, all skin types. Very soft and nice feeling. Good at eliminating impurities without drying out the skin. It gets an 8/10 for me, very good but you need quite a lot and I run through the tube in 2.5 weeks. Repurchase: Will not. It's expensive and lasts very short time. If I see it on sale would take it, though.
  • Benefit Triple performing Facial emulsion   SPF 15 PA++ oil-free. This is a good mosturizer for combination skin, but not if you're too oily. It gets a 7/10 in my book because this mosturizer does not answer completely to my skin needs, and I can only use it in winter when my skin is less oily. Repurchase: I won't. Mainly because Benefit is so hard to find in Switzerland.
  • Shiseido The skincare Night Moisture Recharge. I absolutely love this product. My skin has improved a lot since I use it every night. I give it a 10/10. Repurchase: I already have. This has become a must have in my kit.
  • Aveda Botanical kinetics Toning mist, helps balance and refreshes. This is a nice feeling toning mist, but I don't think is doing much for me. If I srpayed cold water on my face it'd feel more or less the same. I give it a 5/10, it dries out my skin and it does not feel confortable after using it. Repurchase: Definitely not.

 Hair care:

  • Rausch Wheat germ nourishing rinse conditioner Repairs dry and brittle hair, giving smothness and shine. I like how my hair feels using this, is lightweight and smells lovely. I give it an 8/10. Repurchase: yes.
  • Rausch  Shampooing volumateur à la Mauve Extra-mild, gives volume and radiance, also for children. Very gentle on the scalp, it gives volume but not so much. I get better options for the same price, but I keep going to this one because it's a gentle drugstore option and does not dry out my points. I give it a 7/10. Repurchase: yes


  • Benefit That gal brightening face primer. It's a nice feeling primer. The brightening is not so evident, at least for me, specially when I use it under foundation (which is the idea of a primer). I would use it only now and then, so it lasted forever, I had mine for 2 years. I give it an 7/10. Not my ideal product. Repurchase: No. It's too hard to find in Switzerland I won't pay shipping fees for this product.
  •  Benefit The porefessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores. Face primer. This is one of the best mattifying face primers I've ever used. If I want a flawless look, this is what I reach out for. Great product. It gets a 9/10 in my book just because having to order it overseas makes it so expensive for me. Repurchase: I've already have backup of this one. 

Hands and Nails:

  • Nail polish remover Gemey / Maybelline Dissolvant douceur  with Avocado extract without acetone. I give it an 8/10. Repurchase: yes. 
  • Essence Nail art nail polish remover ultra   acetone-free. It's my favourite so far. It gets a 9. Repurchase: yes.
  • Nivea SOS Hand balm Concentrate for dry and brittle skin. One of my go to hand creams of all times. It gets a 9 just because it takes a while for it to sink in, but I love the  results. Repurchase. yes.
  • Nail polish removers Cutex and Wel! I'm throwing these two away without finishing because they're not removing anything. I give those a 1/10 just because I'm too nice to give a 0. Obviously will never repurchase.
  • OPI ridge filler: This is not a great product. I'm throwing mine away because it got so gloopy it's unmanageable. You can get maybe 4 manis right before it becomes to thicken and very hard to apply, takes forever to dry. This gets a 2/10, maybe it was only my bottle? Anyway I will not repurchase.

This past months I have been using a bunch of samples. I have many of these. Not that I'd like to change anything in my routine, but I like to test products because you never know when you'll find one wonderful thing.
I won't go in detail through these, but just telling you nothing really wowed me EXCEPT Chanel Hydramax + Active gel  cream. My skin loved this gel cream and I would totally love buying it! But it's quite pricey, and I have other products to use up first, so I woun't buy it, but it definitely goes into my whishlist.

My lovelies, do not hesitate to share your thoughts if you've used any of the products above, and if you share or not my opinion. Also if you'd like some more info about any of these here. Thanks for reading.

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