Hi my dears! Happy Friday! I can't believe it is Friday again... where did this week go? I know I'm saying always the same thing but this year the time seems to pass specially quickly. Don't you have the same feeling?
What I have for you today is my absolute favourite from all textured polishes I've seen around, OPI Jinx from the Bond Girls collection. Seriously, I'm not all that convinced about this "textured polish" trend, as I said many times. But this colour is so exceptional is the only one I REALLY like.

This were two effortless coats, without topcoat, of course. Drying time was normal, and faster than the other textured polish I own (here) which took forever to dry with a thick base coat. I used a very thin base coat this time, so I will have to check back with OPI What wizardry is this? with a thin base coat to see if it dries faster.

I'm in love with this colour! I really am. Can't stop looking at it. I'm planning on living it to see how it wears. So I'll only take it off once it chips. I'll keep you updated on this test.

If it wears at least for a week, I believe this one will be coming with me next holidays. We're planning to take a 2 week break this summer and go visit our relatives in Italy, of course going to the beach is in the program! I don't know if you've noticed how sandy beaches seem to be the worst enemy of glossy nail polish. I'll be for sure playing a lot with the sand and my baby, so I think Jinx will be a very good option for a long lasting "beach-proof" mani, lol. I've already noticed the "liquid sand" polishes last longer, have you had the same impression? So I don't have to think of many polishes and always changing my colour. I know some people get gel nails for holidays so they last, but I don't like gel nails.. and they're out of my budget also.

Please let me know your thoughts on this colour, and I'd appreciate your point of view on perfect long lasting nails for holidays!!