Hello my dears! How are you doing? Today I want to talk EYEBROWS with you!
Among all my defects, my eyebrows are there. My eyebrows are so very far from even acceptable. In fact they are not -let alone identical- even similar between them, one is more rounded and the other has kind of an arch. The hairs are sparse, and if I pluck even a little they disappear. The tail of my eyebrows are rather short and messy, and on top of that, the eyebrow area is the favourite part of my face for my acne, so some spots are always around there.
But all these issues can be "hidden" with makeup.
If I heard well, the trend this year are thick (some call them "intense") brows. As I can only dream of that, I had to adapt and here's the technique I use to make my eyebrows look a bit more decent. The challenge was: how to do that as quick as possible for an everyday look?
Well, quickest is: Get eyebrow stencils. But this solution does not work for me, because of the tricky shape of my eyebrows, no stencil seems to match, and if I use any, there's too much pencil/eyebrow powder to be seen on my skin, and the impression is that "I just drew a pair of eybrows on my face". Awful. So, what follows is a kind of tutorial for those who have, let's call it "non conventional eyebrows", and want to get the best out of them in 15 seconds.

1- My eyebrows as they look without "makeup".
2- Using a brow-brush (I don't have a proper one but this little brush would do) comb your brows downwards, like in the picture.
3- Then, with a soft and creamy (is important so you can blend the colour) eye pencil trace a line using feathery movements all along the top of your natural brow shape (is the quickest, easiest more natural look). Choose a pencil colour that's near to your eyebrow colour.
4- Optional: smudge the line you just draw with a brush. You would want to move your brush downwards, to make the colour reach the skin.
5- Using the brow-brush, comb your brow back to its normal position.
6- Final look

That's it! That takes me about 15 seconds to do, so it's quite quick!

Optional: If you want your eyebrows to hold in place use some gel. Some eyebrow kits come with an eyebrow gel or wax. But any soft hair gel would do. You need the tiniest amount of gel, then you pat with your fingers along the eyebrow line. 

The lovely Andrea wanted to know how the NYX brow cake powder looked, so I snap this two pictures before and after using the brow powder by NYX to compare:

 The technique for using NYX Eyebrow cake powder is slightly different. I first brush my eyebrows in the right place, then with a small liner angled brush I apply the cake powder in the "missing spots" or "empty spots" and smudge it. The result is the impression of a fuller brow. You can also achieve some shape correction, but you really need to be precise because if not it'd look quite unnatural. So it's not for me the quickest option for everyday but I definitely use the cake powder if I want a perfect makeup for an occasion or something.

So what do you think? Do you makeup your eyebrows? what is your fave technique? Which products do you use? Let me know your thoughts!

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