Hello my dears! How are you doing? How have you enjoyed your weekend?
We've been busy thinking, planning, searching for improvements for our home, specially our balcony where we could spend really nice evenings this summer. If we ever come up to an agreement with my hubby and our balcony gets re-looked I might post one or two pics, would you like to see it?
As I've promised you (after having worn the shade Dior 794 for 9 days! you hear 9 DAYS is a record!!) I'm showing you today the other nail polish of the Dior Samba duo, #402. This is a gorgeous shade of green, which is quite similar to Essie Turquoise & caicos, but not a dupe. 

This was easy to apply and almost one coater. I prefer to do two thin coats, but if you're running late one regular coat has enough coverage. The brush is very nice, the regular new Dior brush, and the consistency is very good, not thick nor runny, just perfect. It's very glossy on its own, but I'm using one coat of seche vite because I needed to run  to pick up my baby and had no time to wait for the polish to dry.

I absolutely love this shade as I love Turquoise & caicos, but I'm afraid it doesn't look as good on me as it does in the bottle. Somehow this shade brings out my green veins, making them more evident, and that's not flattering! Anyway, that does not stop me from wearing it!
Do you like this kind of green-turquoise shades Which one of the two Dior polishes is your fave?
Let it all out!
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