Apr 27, 2013

Spring Favourites: Chanel Béryl stylo yeux waterproof

Hello my lovelies! Happy Saturday!
Continuing with my Spring favourites I want to share with you a recently released (this was LE) Chanel Stylo yeux waterproof. Well, recently means it's part of the Spring collection 2013. This is a very controversial product (if I can say so like that) because many bloggers have given bad reviews about it. I, for once have not read any review before buying it. In fact, I tried it on the back of my hand in the store, and it survived every hand washing through the day, until I rubbed it off with makeup remove, which blew my brain, so I came back to the store and bought it. This is my new perfect liner for the water line, to give the impression of wider eyes, I really like that it's not white or cream shade but levander, because that makes the trick less obvious! I also like to apply it to the inner corner to illuminate the eyes.

pic without liner on waterline
Pic with Béryl on waterline
Without liner on waterline

With béryl on waterline

What I like about this eyepencil is its subtleness. It makes a subtle but noticeable change in my eyes. Unlike some other pale liners I own: a white from NYX and a peach from Essence, which are too bright and in your face, other than a subtle correction. If you want a white waterline that you can see from a mile distance, then don't go for it. If you're looking for a subtle touch that with widen your  eyes a little without anyone notice what it is, then this might be good for you. The shade of the pencil is a very light shade of lavender that tend to melt with most medium complexions.
This product might not work for everyone so I'm not saying is the holy grail, since I've read some really negative reviews about it. I'll just say, it's great for ME and I'm happy I bought it because it has become one of my favourites!
Do you own this pencil? what are your thoughts about it?


  1. I don't own this pencil but it looks stunning and really suits you! I went through a phase of white eyeliner with my bright eyeshadows but I prefer this much more.

  2. Me gusta lo neutral que es, pues te da la oportunidad de usar labiales de colores medios o intensos Rockabilly

  3. I don't have it but I do have some white pencils which gives too much white so it looks weird. But I don't understand why this one has got bad reviews? Has it been too subtle for some or what? I guess that the skin color also is important when choosing these pencils I guess.

  4. Salut Nati, how beautiful on you!!! I love stuff that "works in the background". This is what most make-up is supposed to do in my eyes. It should work its magic without being visible - or to put it different, the overall result is stunning and one is unable to detect to do's ;-) Bisous xxx


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