Hello everyone! How are you doing today? I'm bringing to you the 8th entry for this challenge and the last for April. That means the last using this three colours! I must admit I'm starting to get a little sick of them! I don't think I will use again these colours in a very, very long time, lol!

While running out of ideas (and time) I decided to check my list of nail art to do and decided I would give it a try to the striping tape gradient. Of course I had a wonderful tutorial to follow made by the lovely Anutka of Wacky Laki that made the whole process a lot easier! You can check it out here.

So, I started using my regular base coat and two coats of Clic#465 (neon pink). Then waited until the polish was completely dry (that was the harder part!) and added a few pieces of striping tape with no specific logic. (I used the Born Pretty Store tape you can check it here:12 color line nail art striping tape set) Then I sponged my gradient using the above mentioned pink and the H&M turquoise, Bella's choice. Finally I gently took off the tape and sealed the mani with a coat of Essence BTGN top sealer. That was pretty easy! I'm happy with the result considering it was my first time doing this nail art, so I guess it'll get better next time.

I'm so over these three colours by now! And what about you? I'm really concerned my readers might find it a little boring to see the same colours two weeks in a row. Are you? Is this challenge making any sense to you? well, as always feel free to leave your comments! My day is sweeter when I read your comments below. Also, don't miss the wonderful creations the other participants have made for today!

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