Hello Darlings! How are you doing? Today I have a little post to amuse you. Right before leaving on holidays to Argentina I snapped a few photos of hat I was taking with me makeup wise. Yes, doing this definitely threw me in the face how much make up I wear :P
In the above picture you can see all the items sparse on the floor. Just to make it look even worse, I'd add a short general description of the items (if you're interested to know something in particular, please ask your question in the comments!) Top row: Primers, foundation, pressed powders Blush and 2 lipsticks. Following row: concealer jar, pencil sharpener, bronzer/blush/brighter trio, concealer wand, highlighter, 2 lipglosses, Following row: Eyebrows cake powder, several eyeliners, eyeshadow palette, three single eyeshades, Mascara.
And you want to know the worst?? I consider these my "basics"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eventually I decided not to take with me the trio from Too Faced Leopard Love, because the brighter was empty, I already had a blush and the bronzer didn't make too much of a point since I wasn't tanned enough to wear it.

This is the bag I took containing all the items above mentioned. And you know what? I do not consider this a large makeup bag! (but for my sister it was huge!).

Now I can say I used absolutely everything I took with me. Of course I could have done without many of the things, but you know i'm a makeup junkie :P

Let me know your opinions, question and eventually what do you carry or not carry when you go on a trip!

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