Happy Friday to you all!!  Any nice plans for the weekend? I don't have any yet, but it'll be mainly about relaxing and having good time.
What I have for you today is an oldie (I think this is discontinued in fact) but gorgeous shade of pink, which is very similar to Chanel Fracas. Remember how during Lent I imposed to myself a No buy ban, well, that was the period around which Chanel made their spring collections available (at least where I live). Well of course I went to the Chanel counter and tried this new colour not on the nail, because I had a cool manicure, but on a piece of tape. Then came back home and went through my stash to be sure I didn't own a dupe or anything close to it. I admit I do this often and I do it to "allow" myself to buy because I absolutely *need* the shade in question. Well, this time I failed. In fact there was something very similar in my stash. Too similar. Well, except the lack of "secret" shimmer of course.

H&M Check me out is the closest sister to Chanel Fracas (not an identical twin) but without the secret shimmer. I didn not make a comparison (yet) because I decided I DO NOT NEED CHANEL FRACAS. So at the most I would go with naked nails to the store and paint one nail with Fracas.
For those who own the Chanel polish named here, please note I took the pictures of my mani in the dullest day of Spring (somewhere around the end of March) and it was even snowing!! So the lighting is what it is. I hope I can make an update soon with a comparison for you.
My guess is also that there must be another similar shade out there and may be you got it?