Hi darlings! Happy Thursday!!! Any nice plans for the weekend? Here in Switzerland we have a long weekend because today and tomorrow is holiday. We're having a cosy evening with my hubby on the couch, he's watching the football as he usually does and I'm on the blogsphere, as I usually do, while our baby is already in bed. Nothing special in our weekend programs really.
What I'd like to share with you is a mini nail polish I bought at Mariaunnaud's from their own brand. It's called "Swimming pool".
I got this one long ago while shopping for my lovely Jezzica's swap, and it was sitting among my untrieds untill it got a little of attention. I really love this kind of shades, but (specially in English) I never know how to call it or put it in a category. Is it Teal? Is it turquoise? Is it Aqua? None of the above seem to fit. That's also interfering with my project of swatching all my colours on nail wheels, well that and the lack of free time ;)  I have a bunch of blues, blue-greens, green-blues, that I don't know where to put or how to call. I went to Wikipedia colour chart for help and ended up even more confused! Anyone has a clear idea of colour families? Please,  I would love to have your opinion!

This is a pretty shade of ... whatever, but let's say aqua blue. It's a creme finish but it has some nice hidden shimmer that is visible mainly in the bottle, and under some lightings, but let's say is not really there. It was opaque in one coat, a little streaky though, so I did two. I'm wearing it with a coat of Essence BTGN top sealer, and eventually ended doing some striping tape nail art I might show you soon. For some reason my camera was not capturing the right colour whenever I was in the sun. So the picture below, under artificial light, is more colour accurate.

I hope you liked this shade and don't forget to help me out with my colour descriptions! I suck so badly...
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