May 11, 2013

Spring Favourites: EdP Body by Burberry

Happy Weekend my dears! Are you rocking this weekend? I hope so!
Today I want to talk "Perfume" with you. For the past few years my go to scent for Spring was Miss Dior Chérie L'eau. Now the hardest part since it's been discontinued and my last bottle finished, was that I had to find another favourite scent. and that is not an easy thing, because I'm quite picky about perfumes. While I love wearing perfumes, I get quickly fed up with most scents. I was resign not to ever find another scent I'd really love.
So I went to my local perfumery, decided to buy whatever was nice and affordable, because anyway I knew in a few days I would be fed up. When I entered the store I noticed they were having 20% on all Bvlgari and Burberry perfumes. I saw Burberry has launched a new Perfume called Body for Spring and since it was so affordable I decided to give it a try. It has been over a month now I'm wearing this scent everyday! That's enough saying if you know me. This perfume has a strange quality on me (maybe on everybody, I don't know), it evolves, it changes throughout the day. It has a really fresh but intense scent at the same time. I really suck at describing scents, but I was so pleasantly surprised by this perfumed I decided to share it with you.  
So I left behind my orange flowers beloved notes, to pass to Peach, Fressia, Iris, Rose and Green Absinthe, being quite skeptical. But I'm pleased overall and keeping this scent on for Spring!
What are your favourite scents this spring? Have you tried Burberry Body? What do you think about it?


  1. No conozco las fragancias de Burberry, Y creo que no tengo una fragancia especial en ninguna estación. Para mi es mas un perfume para el día y otro para la noche

    1. Hola Andrea, gracias por leer. Cuáles son tus perfumes para el día y la noche? me encantaría saber. besos

    2. Harvey prince Ageless ( de noche) pero ya se me ha acabado
      Christian Dior Pure poison ( de noche) pero ya se me ha acabado
      De dia Paco rabanne XS

      tengo pensado en buscar Ck be, lo usaba antes, Y bueno el Harvey prince solo lo venden online, tendría que ver como lo busco

  2. Anonymous12/5/13 17:10

    Hmmm, sounds good :-) My favorite spring-time perfume is Escada's Cherry in the Air. But I pick a new favorite every year :-)

    1. Oh that's a good one, Melissa! I like it too. Is this your fave this year?

  3. Hi Nati
    I love this perfume too! I've got it for my birthday for about a month ago and I wear it almost every day :)


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