Hello Lovelies! Today I'm exceptionally doing 2 challenges! So right now I'm presenting you my choice for the wonderful Vintage Challenge. Tuesday is for a red polish, and I have a very fabulous red, my hubby's favourite,YSL La laque n°144 Rouge désir, from the Limited edition "Love Collection". I got this one in December 2007, so I guess it could have been a collection for the holidays, but I couldn't swear for that.

I wear this one for Valentine's day, almost every year since I got it because my hubby loves it. It's a gorgeous medium red with tons of shimmer and golden microglitter, that's not really visible in the nail, but gives it that illusion of depth! and looks like nails are coated with candy! So yummy!

This shade has that faculty of looking differently under different lightings, but always manages to look gorgeous! No matter what I can't get a bad picture of it, lol!
Let me know what you think about this "oldie" and whether you have this one, otherwise, which are your "oldie" red polishes? Would love to know!
Stay tuned for the Tri-polish Challenge later today!