Aug 3, 2013

Summer favourites: Catrice Kohl Kajal in We found Nemo!

Hi my dears! How is your weekend going?
We're still enjoying our vacation but nit for long, on Monday we'll be back home :(
Well, as everything in life, good things also come to an end. But there's still plenty of summer time to be enjoyed and I have to share with you an unusual very Summer-y item: Catrice crayon kohl in we found Nemo! which is supposed to be an eyepencil but look what I use it for:

Yes! as a lip liner! is a gorgeous light orange shade that stays put. It's not waterproof but it holds very well on lips! I have other coral lipliners but none in the same shade. I admit it's a very unusual use I make up it, but I would find it even weirder to wear this colour on the eyes :P

I've also applied it on full lips, and then it looked a little chalky but paired with a gorgeous gloss as Catrice Tangerine Tango look what you get! 

Juicy orange lips!
Orange and bright coral has been my lip colour for this season so far! You name it: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 43 la Favorite, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 46 Liberté, NYX Lip Cream in Antwerp, Catrice Infinite Shine lipgloss in Tangerine Tango and NYX Round Lipstick 643 Femme. All fabulous bright shades!!
So, let it all out, how crazy am I for wearing an eye pencil as a lip colour?? Have you ever done that? Which is your craziest "unusual" use of makeup? (please only legal things allowed in comments).
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  1. Ciao Nati! What a fun a name for pen! I like it! :D Baci! xx

  2. Qué lindo ese color, lo único que me preocupa de colores así es que tienden a darles un color amarillento a los dientes. A propósito no creo que haya usado algo atrevido como maquillaje. Posiblemente un vino muy oscuro que alguna vez use pero eso fue una ves se veía mal.

  3. Anonymous4/8/13 12:41

    Oh I can see why this is a favorite! What a lovely shade :-)

  4. I see nothing wrong with using make up for other areas than they are suppose to. I even guess that it's the same ingredients for a lip pen or eye pen. I loved the color for your lips, very fresh and summer-like. :)


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