Oct 2, 2013

33DC Day 5: Mexican - Mariachi nails

Hello my dears! How are you today?
For the 5th day of this 33 Days Challenge the theme is "Mexican", which for me was undoubtedly meaning: Mariachi! I like Mariachi music, the costumes, everything is so fun. Ages ago, let me think, it was 2001... or so, I was still living in Argentina and I organised a birthday surprise to my hubby (back then we weren't married yet) with a Mariachi band, and it is one of the most wonderful memories we have of our time together in Argentina. I guess never a surprised was so "surprising" unexpected and fun! We started the evening very quietly, in a small family reunion, and chatting normally, and ended it dancing, singing like crazy and drinking tequila!
Well, all this was to show you my Mariachi nails :)

There's a regularity in all my manis in this challenge: I manage to screw it every time!! I didn't have time to re-do this mani, so please, don't pay much attention to the huge dent in my pinkie. I was using a regular topcoat not a fast drying one, and I totally forgot I had TO WAIT for it to dry... that would have been a good idea (dumb).

For this mani I used one coat of China glaze Liquid leather as a base, and then draw the details using a small brush and some dotting tools. The polishes were: H&M super red, Underline Iced nail polish in Oro and NYX Ink liner in white.
I hope you've liked the mani, and please go have a look to the other great manis for today!


  1. Wow Nati, a really detailed pattern, a beautiful nail art! Love it. :-)

  2. Anonymous2/10/13 09:17

    Una idea muy buena con los Mariachi.Besos desde España

  3. Aww, so sweet and fun this is :)

  4. What a lovely mani, very well done 💖

  5. Hi! Nope, I'm from Argentina, but I live in the "suburbs" of Swiss civilization, namely the Seeland, haha

  6. wow what fun mani. I love the design on your ring finger (:

  7. These are beautiful, Natalia! I also really love that you picked something that was close to your heart, I bet he loved the surprise birthday party :) Your nail art looks perfect, I especially love the sun pattern nail :) I hope you and baby are both feeling much better now. xx

  8. lovely mani.. and he must be very very surprised :)

  9. That is so completely adorable! Love it. I have a mariachi band that carpools from a house down the street from me, and this sooo reminds me of their outfits. :)

  10. Wonderful manicure and I love the story of birthday surprise Mariachi party! :-)

  11. love all details :)


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