Oct 3, 2013

NOTD: Catrice Thrilling me softly Nail Polish C04 Allure

Hello lovlies! Today I have one nail polish to share with you from the latest  Catrice Limited edition "Thrilling me softly". The whole collection includes different makeup items and five nail polish shades, of which the only one that seem interesting to me was a shimmery deep red call C04 Allure.
Allure looks lovely in the bottle, with such a satiny quality, but this is not totally translated on the nail. It looks very glossy even without topcoat and the subtle shimmer is visible.

This polish is translucent as a jelly, but it's somewhat different from a jelly. The formula is quite thin not completely unmanageable, but if you're not extra careful you'll end with your cuticles completely flooded, what happened to me at first. When I applied the first coat I was terribly disappointed. I needed 3 generous coats to cover VNL and actually be able to see the shimmer.

I had the impression this was never going to dry! it's very slow drying. I also noted, while cleaning my cuticle's mess, that some stain was remaining, so I took the pictures and immediately removed the polish. I like the colour, and I loved it in the bottle, but I'm not willing to risk staining my nails for a 5 dollar polish. It's still a pretty colour though.

I'm only speaking for the "Allure" polish in this review, so I cannot say it's the same for the rest of the collection. We already know Catrice nail polish formulas vary so much you never know until you try.
Have you try any colour from this collection yet? Have ou had any of the issues I had? Would love to read your comments.
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  1. Anonymous3/10/13 19:52

    If there is one thing about nail polish that can really put me off it's an unbearable dry time! I am way to impatient and busy to wait for my nails to dry, lol :-)

  2. That's an absolutely gorgeous red - so pretty!

  3. This is really a beautiful red!

  4. This is really a beautiful red!

  5. I bought four polishes of this collection (that means, all but the plain red creme), but I haven't worn any of them. When I'll use Allure (probably Christmas, as I hardly wear red polish during the year), I'll double up on basecoat, mow that I know it stains...

  6. Oh what a shame about the formula because it looks to be such a classy red!!! Your experience is the reason why I stay mostly away from Catrice - too much miss and too few hits which I find a shame and frankly incomprehensible - wonder where down the line of the process the way "forks" into perfect and miserable!!! Bisous ma belle xxx

  7. The colour is really nice, it's a pitty that it dries so slowly and I really hate when the nail polish stains!

  8. Me encanta el rojo. es bello


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