Oct 30, 2013

Essence Superheroes LE: Swatches & review (Part I)

Hello my lovelies! It's me again...
I couldn't wait to share with you the my picks on the newest Essence  Superheroes LE collection dedicated to NAIL ART!! Wooohooo! How that's not to love?

This collection features 6 LE nail polishes with different special effects. There is also a gel nail polish remover and several different nail art supplies including striping tape, nail stickers, loose glitter, nail art brush and a bling-bling pouch. You can see all the items here. See my swatches after the jump.
I've picked all the nail polishes, the stickers and the silver holo loose glitter. I'm going to split this review in two posts because there are 6 polishes and I also want to show you the decorations, but my nails can't take too much swatching these days, I had a terrible nail brake, really painful last week (gross picture here) on my left hand, and I'm wearing a double tea bag wrap to hold things together, and also a band-aid on top (of course I removed the band-aid for the pics ;)) So excuse if you see a bump on my left middle fingernail. Enough about this Onto the swatches!


Super Heroes 02 The Incredible (Sand Effect)


This is a textured polish, medium teal/blue with teal glitter. The formula on this one is nice and the application is even and under control. It needs two coats to be fully opaque. The brush (as all the brushes in this collection) is Essence standard. It is quite slow drying, though. Once dried the finish is not matte and gritty as sand paper. It's slightly shiny, without being glossy and the texture is not as gritty as other can be. I love the colour but I think they could have done a better job with the texture looking more "textured". I don't have dupes in my stash.

Super heroes 04 Superman (Holo effect)


This is a silver foil with scattered holo glitter particles, and it's amazing! Formula is great, nicely opaque in one generous coat. I did two because I needed to cover the bump of my nail wrap :(
The formula is very good, id spreads nicely without brush strokes. It dries quite fast as foil polishes usually do, and it becomes very thin once it sets, so that the particles "float" a little over the polish. It has a somewhat matte finish (just as foils) and it's supposed to be like this, so don't be looking for glossiness here. I have a similar nail polish shown here but the base colour is darker silver and it has more glitter.

Super Heroes 06 The Awesome (galaxy flakes)

This is your regular glitter bomb. A thick pink colour jelly base, that is never totally opaque, but I love the translucent effect, if you don't you may considering layering it over a solid colour. The glitter in it has four sizes of round and hexagone silver glitter, that seems pink because of the dense base. For me two coats gave the opacity I like for this type of nail polish. The formula is on the thick side, but is a good thing in this case, you have full control of your glitter, which sticks to the brush instead of remaining in the bottle, so no fishing here, and it goes where you want. The glitter spread amazingly even over the nail and lay flat which is great for a drugstore glitter! I say perfect quality! Drying time was on the fast side (15 min) considering I didn't wear a topcoat.

For the first bunch I'd say there must have is 04 the holo effect, the glitter bomb is nice if you don't own a lot of glitters and you like pink, but I would leave alone the textured one.
Stay tuned because I have 3 more polishes and nail art stuff coming up!
Which is your favourite so far?


  1. Sono un po' triste perché in Italia non arriverà. :( Anche il mio preferito del terzetto è The Holo Effect!

    1. Se tu sapessi tutti i smalti che io vorrei che non arrivano qui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! compatisco :(

  2. Ugh, awful breakage! I can relate, I had an almost exactly the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago, only on ring finger, same "depth" (into the finger)..I tried everything, but unfortunately it did not survive, lol. Good luck with yours :)

    While your swatches are gorgeous, the polishes don't really appeal to me that much (lovely, yes, but not really my style).

    1. Hi sweetie! Thank you for your comment, and I'm sorry you broke your nail too. Mine is till on almost 2 weeks after, I'm double wrapping it religiously with tea bags.
      I know this polishes are quite more for nail art addicts I say, lol :)

  3. I'm not usually a glitter kinda gal but 06 The Awesome looks very 'girly' and pretty.

  4. que programa tan bueno estas usando. buenas las muestras, Tienes las uñas muy largas.

    1. Gracias Andrea, si las uñas ya no están tan largas por que es muy incómodo y no puedo hacer nada. Ahora las he limado un poco.

  5. 04 and 06 are my favorites, they are very pretty!

  6. Hi Natalia!
    I also got all of them! =)
    They are amazing!


  7. Gorgeous shades, 04 almost looks like a nail foil, very pretty!


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