Hello my lovelies it's me again! 
Finally I managed to swatch the rest of the Superheroes collection over the past 6 days. As an update on my bad nail brake, which is far from good, at least it hasn't torn off and is not bleeding anymore, so that's good. That's the main reason keeping me from using acetone. 

Onto the swatches! (please don't mind the double tea bag wrap on my left middle fingernail)

Essence Superheroes 01 Fantastic girl (thermo effect hot/cold)


Picture shows two coats without topcoat.
This nail polish is absolutely stunning. Should I say the thermo effect, which works well and it's easily noticeable making it look like a smooth gradient, is totally secondary to the fact that the formula is unbeatable? This jelly has a great formula, a perfect consistency, sliding on the nail beautifully with great control of the application. A jelly being opaque in two coats is a great thing and it also has a gorgeous glossy squishy finish. It's soooo good, that being thermo or not does not matter. This is a must have if you love pink and jelly!


Essence Superheroes 03 Power Girl (Oil slick effect a.k.a. duochrome)


Picture shows two coats without topcoat.
This is a metallic duochrome varying from blue to indigo to purple. The colour shift is much more noticeable in real life than it is in my pictures. Formula is very nice, not too thin nor too thick application is easy and it was opaque in two coats. It's also quite fast drying. Unfortunately, as metallic shades tend to do, it does show brush strokes a bit, but nothing too terrible. I love this shade!


Essence Superheroes 05 Wonder Wow!man! (like liquid gold)


Picture shows two coats without topcoat.
This is your regular gold foil nail polish, welcome to brushstrokeland. I really don't see why I bought this, the gold is a pretty shade, not too cold or too warm. But I feel I already have many dupes for this. It needs two coats to be completely opaque and it dries in a heartbeat. As foils usually do, this one dries to a very thin finish showing everything beneath like my double tea bag wrap, which is quite annoying. I'd say, if you already have a gold foil, don't bother buying this one. 

So that was the whole Superheroes collection. As a summary, there are some must haves in it like the silver with holo glitter, the pink jelly and if you like blue the duochrome. If I were you, I'd leave alone the texture polish and the golden foil because they're not great quality wise, and I'd only pick the glitter bomb if you didn't have anything similar already.
I'm sorry I haven't shown you the nail decorations, but I took advantage of these swatches to do some nail art for the 33DC challenge, just because it was easier than putting acetone on my injured nail. Sometimes you got to go practical.

Is there any polish in this collection that appeals to you? Have a lovely evening!