Why have I chosen the dullest day of them all to do a sparkling purple and gold manicure that is not showing in my dull, dull photos?

I have tried to improve the colours by editing but the pictures still don't show the real colours. so you will have to take my word for it. My 31st manicure for this 33 Days Challenge is a skittlette using 3 of my latest favourite colours which are: Marionnaud nail lacquer Clair-obscur, Constallation, and the latest version of Essence Hello Marshmellow!

If you happen to have a Marionnaud near you that sells their own nail lacquer range, don't walk, RUN! I bought these two to "complete" my order when I bought Dior ower palette, and I already wore them twice. I only wore Constellation as a topper so far, but I love so much how it looks over the purple. Clair-obscur is absolutely stunning, is a one coater and it even stamps well!
For this manicure I first painted my nails with Marionnaud Clair-obscur (the deep shimmery purple) except my pinkie with Essence marshmellow, and used Marionnaud Constellation as a topper on my ring finger and pinkie. I then stamped on my middle and thumb using MoYou plate Tourist-07 and Essence Marshmellow,  I did a slight variation on my right hand, where I stamped on my pinkie using Clair-obscur instead of using the glitter topping.

What do you think about this skittlette?  I admit clair-obscur needs a post for itself, and I will post some swatches as soon as I can take decent pictures of it.
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