Today is day 32 of the 33 Days Challenge, and the prompt is shapes. I hesitated a lot with this one because I didn't want to go with "geometric" shapes, since we already had Geometric prompt on day 23, and I certainly didn't want to change my nails shape, so I played my inner girly-girl and went with hearts and stars in pink chunky glitter. Oh well, don't blame me for that!

This could be an easy manicure if you already have good stencils, or shaped stickers or an easy way to cut shapes out of tape, otherwise is not so easy.

I first painted my nails using two coats of  Essence superheroes The awesome and wait for it to dry very well. Then I used 3M tape (the one I was using to wrap my injured nail LOL), I stuck a bit of tape on a piece of glossy paper (e.g. a magazine cover) then draw my shapes with a pencil (if you have a stencil is easier) and cut them off. Then I carefully peeled the tape off the paper and placed the shapes on the nails and paint with China Glaze liquid leather.  I did this on my thumb, index and ring fingernails. For doing the reverse accent nails I simply painted two little hearts on my pinkie nail using a dotting tool, and on my middle finger I tried to use a plastic stencil that came on a Bourjois nail art set, that didn't work that well. After failing two attempts (the two messy stars on the right of my middle fingernail) I simply applied a star shaped black sticker that came with the same set. I sealed the design with one coat of Poshé top coat, and that was it!

What do you think of my heart&stars shapes manicure? What shapes would you like on your nails?
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