Hello my lovelies! How are you?
This review is several months overdue! It's about a very pretty palette I got last year at the beginning of Fall from a brand that was new to me called BH Cosmetics. I had been hearing and reading lots of good reviews about this brand, they're so freaking affordable with unusual bold colours and outstanding pigmentation. I went many times to their site to see the famous "120 colours palette" and honestly that was not for me. But one day I received this awesome news about three very compact palettes with eyeshades and blushes, all 3 for less than 15 USD and I jumped headfirst into it!

Today I'm showing you the Hollywood palette, which has 16 eye shades, matte and shimmery, and 4 face and cheek powders: 2 blushers a bronzer and a highlighter. The palette is smaller than a CD case, but obviously thicker.
Here are the close-ups and swatches for you (remember you can click to enlarge all the pictures). All swatches are without primer. Firstly the shades on the left wing:

The first set of swatches was a little deceiving. Neither of the reds (shimmery or matte) had a decent pay off. The shimmery black was patchy and I had to sweep several times the fuchsia shade to make it show on my skin. I went, like, oh boy, what a deception!
But the second set of swatches was totally different. The two shimmery shades were soft and easy to apply, and the matte black and neon coral were great!

Secondly the shades on the right wing:

The shades on the right side seem to belong to a total different palette quality wise! The first set are pearlescent shimmery shades, so they are a little translucent but I think this is their quality, they're. The second set of swatches are the matte shades which are GORGEOUS! They are very pigmented and easy to apply! I was totally impressed.

Last but not least the cheek and face shades:

The blushes and the highlighter are very pretty and pigmented. May be too pigmented? The bronzer... is orange-y. Bot for 4.79 USD I give them that and take the rest :)

I'm really surprised with this palette. I've already done an eye look for Halloween last year and one in blue I'll show you very soon, and I'm planing to do some other cool looks using other colours.
What are your thoughts on this palette. Do you know this brand? Do you own anything from BH Cosmetics?