NOTD: OPI Hotter than you pink from Neon collection

WARNING! Put your sunglasses on before you continue reading, your retina risks serious damage!

Hello my lovelies, how are you doing? I had a wonderful weekend and a rather busy week, so I couldn't post before, but I was itching to share this AMAZING nail polish with you! Let me introduce you to OPI Hotter than you pink, from the Neon by OPI collection 2014. This is hot, hot, hot!

 Ok, you might have heard me say "oh, I don't care about neons..." well, forget that, because this season, like last year, neon will be le détail qui tue. There are no childish/grownup colour rules here, the important thing is to have fun!

Hotter than you pink is THE most awesome shade of this collection, and surely my favourite (well equally favourite with Down the core-al, which I'll show you later). It's a brighter than bright neon hotpink with a matte suede finish and blue subtle shimmer. The whole resulting in some kind of brutal colour burst. This is surely NOT your office-safe mani! Please, believe the pictures, they are very colour accurate.

Let's talk about formula. The consistency is good, I'd say, nor runny neither thinck, but this babe is not easy-going. You can't make omelet without breaking the eggs right? so basically, for having this pretty neon-suede polish you have to struggle a bit with brushstrokes. First coat went on quite streaky. And it didn't look like it was going to self-level. It was quite opaque though, but it definitely needed a second -rather generous- coat to level things out. You can't rush it, leave it some time before the second coat, as you would do with first generation of suede polish. In the end I think it looks pretty even and there is not major stroke brush showing, so the extra care in application is totally worthy. My pictures show two coats without topcoat over OPI Put a coat on and I'm loving it even on close-ups!

My advice is: go get this pretty polish! You will not regret it, and even for french tips or nail accents this is a unique colour that suits every skin tone.

Ok, I'm doing it again... I'm staring at my tips again... gosh, so pretty...
Let me know your thoughts on this one!


  1. Il colore è veramente favoloso! Peccato per l'applicazione...

  2. OH WOW, I need to own this one, right now :)
    Next week I'm posting another hot pink from OPI, but I need this one too LOL

  3. Salut ma belle - this pink is so beautiful that I went like - a bit of a challenge to apply? Oh who cares, I want to see the next picture ;-). You wear those bright pinks beautiful and this shimmer is perfectionning the look! Gorgeous - bisous ma biche and have a lovely weekend xxx


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