May 9, 2014

Spring favourites & EOTD: Chanel Quadra eye shadow Tisse Cambon 228

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday!

This month of May have brought so many beautiful things with it so far! The joyful visit of an old friend past Friday, the birth of our friends' baby boy the past Saturday (I knew it, I knew it was a boy!).

Also a minor but very exciting blog-related appointment this week, my very first invitation to a beauty event on Tuesday. The best part of it was personally meeting Melissa from Kiss and Make-up  beauty blog -she's even more beautiful and adorable in person.

Well, that's not it, this weekend will bring a bunch of great things too! Our godson will be making his first communion on Sunday which is also Mother's day. I am really planning to have much fun!

Ok, let's get into makeup now. As you might have noticed already, Chanel has launched a whole bunch of new quads this Spring -and discontinued several- in their permanent range. (Please, check out Sara's blog for swatches of all the quads). I've swatched them all in the store, and hesitated a lot, but finally fell for Tissé Cambon.

Tissé Cambon colour combination is fully inspiring me for Spring and it has taken a spot in my everyday makeup bag. I'm specially loving the pink shade, it is very hard to find a pink eyeshadow that looks nice on me, and the fact the purple is so perfect for delicate smokeys, nothing too dramatic, just as I like for Spring. In my book Tissé Cambon is ideal for a flawless pink & purple daytime look. This is how I like to wear the colors:

 I think is a very girly look, and the colours brighten the eyes quite a bit because the purple is very subtle.

Have you spotted the new Chanel quads? Which one is your favourite? Please, let me know your thoughts!



  1. te lucen bien esos colores

  2. Hey Nati, oh whee you met Melissa! That sounds like fun!

    This quad is so you! I like it a lot as well, but I think it's even more beautiful with your green eyes :)

  3. Anonymous10/5/14 20:45

    Awww, Nattttiiii, you are too sweet <3 It was so lovely meeting you to, I'm glad I got to do this with you!

    As for your favorites, I LOVE that quad. I think I've swatched it like 4 times now at work, just for the sake of swatching it. And admiring it.

  4. Subtle and girly, very sweet and beautiful! :-)


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