Jun 7, 2014

Organizing, swatching, practising. Nail wheels are handy.

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday!
If you are a nail polish collector, a nail artist or a nail enthusiast, I have an useful tip to share with you about Born Pretty Store Clear False Nail tips Art/Display/Practice Wheel

When I first started my nail polish collection I had 20 bottles, or so. For a while I knew exactly all my colours and I would remember all and each shades, including names etc. As the time went by, I have bought and received many, many new bottles, I have more than 500 now! some of them are specially chosen, or they are special gifts, others not so much. The thing is, many of them look very alike and it becomes difficult to remember all the colours, and what exactly they look like or even how do they compare to each other. That is precisely when nail wheels become a must-have.

I have chosen this set of 10 pcs of clear nail wheels at Born Pretty Store because they are so affordable, for 6.15 USD you get enough room to swatch 200 different colours! They do look a bit delicate, but these are sturdy enough to resist my clumsiness, I've dropped them several times. As they are clear the colours look very accurate on them.

I am planing to swatch my whole collection on them! One or two wheels per colour family and then I can have all my corals, greens, lilacs, purples or pinks displayed in one glimpse! Isn't it fantastic? What I really like is that there is plenty of space for writing the names of the nail polishes too.
Even if your collection is not huge, but your thing is nail art, these wheels are perfect for practising. sometimes I have a nail art idea and I want to see what that would look like in real life but I do not want to take off my current manicure. Does this happen to you too? The wheels offer plenty of possibilities.

You can find these Clear False Nail tips Art/Display/Practice Wheel for only $6.15 for 10 pieces at Born Pretty Store. Remember you can have 10% off your purchase (everything in the store including all nail art supplies) by entering my code at checkout: DBL91



  1. It's so nice to see how others organize :)
    I use swatch sticks and recently came up with a totally new way to store them by color - so I'm showing my 1.300+ swatch sticks on Tuesday LOL

  2. NIce idea, but I'm afraid I can't you this method for my stash (1200 bottles.) =)

  3. Metodo utilissimo. Ma bisogna iniziare prima gli smalti diventino troppi! ;-) Io adoro "dipingere" le mie rotelle!

  4. entre esos purpuras hay algunos muy lindos

  5. I use swatch sticks myself and have them out on my desk per colour (well, 8 groups, one being all indies, one being glitter top coats)

  6. Anonymous7/6/14 20:26

    That is a great idea, Nati, it will give you a quick and easy overview of everything you have.

  7. Very good and useful product! :-) I have many nail wheels, but I use them for all my nail art "creations"... As the number of new nail art creations is growing the number of nail wheels is growing too...! Sometimes I find some creations on nail wheels that I don't even remember and I ask myself "Did I paint that?" :-)

  8. Hola Natalia!
    Siempre me gusta ver cuando los demás muestran sus ruedas de uñas pintadas. Ya he pensado muchas veces en hacerlo también....pero al final, como tengo ya casi 500 pinta uñas, me entra pereza. Siempre pienso que pintaré con cada laca una uñita y luego seguramente descubriré una laca en cualquier tienda que justo, por su tono, debería ir entre dos uñas ya pintadas. Así que, si algún día optaré por hacer esos swatches creo que me compraré esas uñas en palitos sueltos. ¿Tu tienes de esos también?
    Te deseo una buena tarde y feliz lunes de pentecostés!


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