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Hello sweeties! How is your weekend? 
Since the beginning of the Summer I've been tempted to do a nautical themed manicure, but for some reason I kept putting it off. Until I saw these L'oréal nail wraps in "French marinière" which seemed the perfect excuse to finally go for it.
First things first, the Nail wraps. I've already tried L'oreal nail stickers here, and at that time I was very pleased with them. Let me tell you this time it was a different story. There are 18 stickers in the package that come in different sizes (8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 14 and 16 wide). Only the 12mm width would fit perfectly my ring, middle and index fingernails, but the package only has 2. There are 12 stickers that would only fit my pinkie, and the widest ones aren't wide enough for my thumb :(
I personally do not think to have the wider nails in this world! I'd say my nails are standard.

There were only 4 stickers that I could actually use, so I went with two accent nails in my middle and ring fingernails. I painted the rest of the nails in white using Click #630, did a French tip using Essence Crush on blue, and added a little red bow using OPI So hot it Berns.

Applying the nail stickers was not easy. They were thick and not very flexible, resulting in many wrinkles specially to the sides of the nails. That is so because most Human have slightly curved nails. You can see so in the picture. Ten minutes after I snapped the picture, the sticker shrank, leaving a millimetre of gap as if it was a week of tip wear! I only wore these for a couple of hours before I took them off, and painted my nails in blue. 

I'd say this was a total fail, although I am not sure if the poor quality is just to this design or the whole line, because as I said I did not have that impression in the past. Whatever... They're not the cheapest, so at least they should fit most people's nails, which is not the case. So I would never recommend these to a friend!
Have you tried L'oréal nail wraps? What was your experience with them? Let me know your thoughts and I hope this review was useful for you!