We are (finally) having a little sunshine and I could not longer resist to pull out the lovely makeup pieces I got from the latest Guerlain Spring collection. I'm talking about Météorites de blush and Météorites compact.

Météorites de blush has such a cute packaging that I immediately fell for it. It is a cute soft pink cardboard little box with cute cherubs embossed on the top. How can this be prettier?!

Unlike traditional Guerlain meteorites pearls, these are not meant as a hihglighter but as a blush. But I would say they are a pretty good combination of both. The pearls give a reddish pink hue, pigmented but at the same time translucent enough to enhace your checks without turning them into traffic lights. 

Météorites compact has the same principe that traditional eteorite pearls but in a compact, and I cannot be more pleased to have picked this one. I have my regular meteorites and never ever take them with me nowhere, because I'm so afraid the pearls would breake and be reduced into powder! With this compact I can take my meteorites wherever I go! I got a shade darker than I had my traditional pearl, but still find it a little light for my complexion. However, meteorites are meant to secretly work their magic, illuminating without being obvious and of course without visible shimmer. And that is exactly what this compact does!

I have come to love using both products together, although whenever I use the blush pearls without highlighter I am equally pleased! The result on the face: you get a halo of reddishpink over your cheeks that luminezes the face with a natural appearance and without the obvious effect of shimmer, ideal for everyday looks (notice I've taken pics under direct sunlight!) but also for more sophisticated ones.

I am loving these two little ones already! Be prepared to see them featured a lot on my upcoming posts! Have you indulged to any of these Guerlain powders? What is your impression?