Let's face it, every good thing has a negative aspect. I love doing my makeup but I hate washing my brushes. When I don't like something I always end procrastinating (maybe I secretly hope the chore will be done by itself at one point... but nope).  I supposed I'm not alone in this one, so I thought I would share here how I clean and care for my brushes plus my opinion on the Sigma SPA Express Brush Cleaning Glove, which I got a couple of month ago. Hoping that you'll find it interesting!

This is my new gadget from Sigma

I have many brushes and use many of them daily and most of them at least once per week (find out more about my brush collection in this post). I don't wash my brushes daily, the brushes I use with powder makeup I just wipe them on a clean paper towel or tissue, and the brushes I use with cream products (specially foundation) I spot clean them after each application using a Brush Cleanser spray without rinse.

Ideally I would wash all my brushes once per week. But in real life that is not happening. When my favorite brushes get dirty I would just grab another brush. Sometimes this would go for two or even three weeks without washing my brushes, causing that I end up with more brushes than I can handle and washing them becomes a real chore.

Reversible: a side for Face brushes and one for Eyes (smaller brushes)

Side to wash, refine and rinse eyes brushes

To use it you place your hand inside like a glove and secure with the strap
this side is to refine the cleansing of eye brushes

Looking for a way of making easier my "washing experience" I had my eyes on Sigma SPA cleaning mat. It seemed the most practical effortless solution to wash my brushes BUT, observing the product and the instructions I realised it would'nt have worked for me because my bathroom sink has the drain in the center, and that would not allow me to install the mat properly. Sigma has also had for years now a special glove, which looks like an "oven glove" and for that reason I never got it. But they recently launched a more handy and storage friendly version called Sigma SPA Express Brush Cleaning Glove and I thought I would give it a go.

This side is for the Face brushes

The surface for washing, refining and rinsing face brushes

It is easy to use, it comes with an instructions leaflet and there is a video tutorial in the website to help you make the most of the glove.

I have been using it for the past two months, and I must say I find it very useful. It has a surface for face (biger and denser) brushes on one side and a surface for eye brushes on the other side. It facilitates the washing a lot, even my denser kabuki stiffed with foundation is absolutely clean in 2 minutes max.

It is also practiical to store and carry away (although I wouldn't take it with me on vacation, who washes the brushes on vacation? not me).

If you procrastinate washing brushes like I do, you may want to take a look at this little glove!
How do you wash your brushes? How often? Have you tried this or any similar accessory for washing your brushes? Don't hesitate to leave a comment with your opinion!