Hello! It is time for the third prompt of "The neverending story challenge" and to use a red and a purple from my untrieds!  I only have time to do one manicure a week for the challenge so I did my best to combine these two colours. This is not an easy combo, I must admit. I don't know why but, to my eyes, red and purple really clash together.. What do you think of it?

I got this small bottle of purple polish from a local brand on sale in my local drugstore. I didn't expect anything from it, it costed me 0.99 chf, but when I finally got to use it for this challenge I was wowed like OMG, look at that! This one has a very subtly pink shimmer glowing from within. I will definitely be picking up other colours if I see them again.

click me to enlarge and see the lovely pink shimmer glowing
I needed a red polish to paired it with and, although I have several untried reds, not even one seemed to fit the combo properly. I finally made up my mind and grabbed Zoya Nidhi. Ok, now, how on Earth did this stayed untried for so long! I got this one when it first launched in 2010 together with Zoya Charla. And OMG how sparkly! (yes, that might be my record, a nail polish 5 year untried :O !!)

I started with a solid purple mani. Two coats of the little polish were enough for full opacity. I then decided to go for a gradient on my tips using the red and once dry I stamped using Essence stampy polish in black and Moyou London Tropical collection plate #12

I am undecided whether I like or not this manicure. The colours still clash to my eyes! What do you think of this mani? How would you have combined red with purple?

Also do not forget to check what the other participants have done today :)