Hello my lovelies! How was your weekend? We've been busy making some improvements to our home, I wanted to decorate the children bedrooms which were quite plain, so I've been looking for some wall stickers or decorations that'd be suitable. Any suggestions or ideas will be very welcome!!
Today I have more manicures I've done using Born Pretty Store decals to share with you! Remember the set of ten sheets of water decals I received from Born Pretty Store ? I have already shown you five manis with them here and here.

These are the 10 Sheets/Set Feather Flower Nail Art Water Decals Set BORN PRETTY W11-W20 , each sheet has two different patterns in size enough to make two full manicures. So out of these you can make at least 20 manicures!To see all the decals in detail please check my post here.

Today I have another 2 manicures I've done with them ;) 

I repeat this every time in case you missed the previous posts, but these decals are very easy to apply, you first remove the protective film and trim the decals, then put them to soak, then, pick them with tweezers and place them on your nails as you wish, remove the excess water with a cotton pad and seal with topcoat.

My first manicure is a little more elaborated than usual (but only a little). I painted all my nails with Catrice My Café au lait at Notre Dame. Then cut the decals from the Sheet BP-W14 in halves, placed them on the middle and ring fingers as accents and embellished them with yellow gold caviar beads. As a final touch I added teardrop shaped golden studs on the other fingernails of my nails. I love the vintage look of this manicure!

My second manicure is much simpler. I painted all nails with Essie Borrowed and blue, and used three pieces of water decals from the Sheet BP-W19 in alternated fingernails.

 The  10 Sheets/Set Feather Flower Nail Art Water Decals Set BORN PRETTY W11-W20 retails at this very moment 6.99 USD instead of 9.99 USD at  Born pretty store, and free shipping!

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Valid for not discounted items.

what do you think of these manicures ? Which is your favorite?