Aug 13, 2015

The neverending Story Challenge: brown and gold

Hi sweeties! It's been a busy week, and I couldn't find the time to post here, but I didn't want to miss the appointment for the Neverending Story challenge. For the fifth prompt we are supposed to use an untried brown and a gold nail polish. I went for a simple stamping manicure because I was short in time for more intrincate designs. Please, keep reading!

The gold nail polish I used is from a Maybellin NY line that does not exist anymore!! MNY was distributed in Swtzerland for a short period in 2010-2011 gosh, that's old!  This one is a gorgeous antique gold with a foil metallic finish that has no name but a number: #445.
I loved the fact miss #445 does not have visible brush strokes!

Then it was a problem to find an untried brown. In fact I do not own many browns. I don't like brown on me, but I thought Zoya Emilia would do the thing, although I'm not quite sure if I had used this one already (?).

My manicure is the simplest, I just stamped over the gold using Zoya Emilia and Born Pretty Store plate BPL-024, and added a topcoat. That's all!

This colour combo makes me think of Fall. What do you think of this mani? Thank you for reading, and do not forget to check what the other participants have done today :)



  1. Gold and brown always looks fantastic together. Love the stamped pattern, it adds a vintage touch to this mani! Great one dear!

    1. thank you Andrea! I also think it looks vintage :)

  2. What an elegant mani! Classy one.

  3. Anonymous14/8/15 12:10

    Very pretty! And very festive :-)

  4. Its simple but chic. Love the base color <3

  5. This soooo pretty! I love the design and colors! :-)

  6. Nicely done! This combo looks quite elegant. I know the MNY brand, but I have never tried it. I really couldn't Tell if they are still sold here in Germany... 😁
    xo, Pia

  7. Stamping plate BP-L024 is one of my favourite BPS stamping plates, I used all of the patterns on it! :-) Beautiful stamping, perfect match of colours, very elegant :-)


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