Hello sweeties! How are you? how was your weekend??
Mine was so great full of surprises and emotional moments. My parents arrived from Argentina on Friday and since my children are so happy to have their grandparents around. Yesterday we had our daughter's baptism followed by a lovely family reunion, it was a marvelous moment I'll cherish in my heart for many years ♥. You'll understand my posting will be less organized these days and I'll probably won't have time for nail art, but please stay tuned because I will surely keep posting here! 

Today I have another indie polish to show you, with a strange name but a very lovely color.

This is Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor from Pahlish, which is a gorgeous pale cool toned pink with pink red and magenta glitter in different sizes and red flakies. I love this polish! I remember it was super easy to work with, the consistency was great for a polish with glitter and the particles show perfectly through the polish and do not sit on top at all, so it does not feel gritty at all and only one coat of topcoat was enough to even everything out. 

My pictures show two coats with topcoat, beautiful!

This kind of polish are a statement by themselves, no nail art needed to have a very special manicure, so I think these indies are great for me right now!

What do you think of this color? Do you own this one or a similar indie color?

Have a great week!