I am sorry today I have not much time to post. Tomorrow my parents will arrive from Argentina and I'm so excited and busy preparing everything I can in advance so we can enjoy the most of the time together! 
However, I'll write just a short one because I've been meaning to show you these pretties I found on the Essence display a couple of weeks ago. You know, it is not like I "need" another makeup brush, but who could ever resist to a mint fluffy kabuli with chevrons in the handle!!! Oh my, you can't beat that for five bucks.  I also got the lip brush because it seemed pretty decent and it was also a bargain (lip brushes are usually so expensive don't you think?) as well as the brush cleanser which got me very curious. 

I haven't even tried these yet, but let's say I got them mostly for decorative purposes, lol... they're so freaking cute!! don't you think? I will let you know what they worth once I try them.
Have you tried or spotted these? what is your opinion on them?