Hi again!
As you know I like to keep track of the makeup turnover and changes in the products I keep on my bag for daily makeup routine doing this monthly post. It is so fun to see how my simple everyday looks change with the seasons but simple choosing a different lipstick or blush! This month My makeup has definitely marked the end of summer and my choices have turned to more Fall like colours, without being too deep yet, but the feeling of Fall is definitely there! What do you think?

As September began I went back to my beloved Radical skincare skin perfecting skin SPF 30  for two reasons: I need less sun protection so I left aside the SPF50 I wore through summer and the Radical skincare formula gives a fantastic glow that's giving me a helping hand to my skin as a primer! It really works great under a matte foundation. I'm also using Milani eyeshadow primer to ensure a longer wear to my eyeshades.

Concealer:  Now the hot weather came to an end I went back to Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream for undereye concealing, as it is so gentle and moisturizing, I totally recomended for people with fine lines around the eyes, becaus it is illuminator with blurring effect as well as skin care properties! All in one. But mind you it is only light to medium coverage so I wouldn't recommend it if you have very intense discoloration under the eyes.

Foundation: YSL Fusion Ink foundation, also known as "Encre de peau" (read my review!) was more of "a special occasion foundation" but now I like to use it on a daily basis because I got used to a thiner consistency foundation by using Dior Skin nude Air Serum foundation for the past few months. So you might ask why not keep going with the Dior one? Simply because I'm paler, too pale! and the yellow undertone of the Dior foundation does not suit me anymore. I still think it is the best foundation ever, just hoping they had more shades to choose from!

Powder and highlighter : I only apply the slightest amount of NYX HD Studio photogenic Finishing powder  to set my undereye concealer and to make a nice base to apply my bronzer and blusher.

I was going steady with Diorskin Nude Tan Coral Glow  as a bronzer (in fact I have hit pan!!) but again is a too warm shade for me during fall, specially being this pale. I find Givenchy Croisière Healthy Glow Powder in #2Douce Croisière much more flattering on me right now. As a blusher I am totally in love with my MAC powder blush in Hipness from the wash and dry collection. It can do subtle or bold according to the lighter or heavier application and I love it!

I'm still using the endless NYX eybrow cake powder I'm using the darker shade and liking a lot my bolder brows.

As I fell in love with the Nine colors palette from MAC in Burgundy but my wallet said nope, I remembered I had these single shades (two of which are included in the 9 color palette and two rosy nudes that are similar and ever so flattering on me) So I'm going steady with this custom quad! the shades are: Star Violet, Honey Lust, Kid and Malta. For the lashes I am loving the Diorshow Buildable professional volume Lash extension effect, although it does not resist the slightest crying (proved that during my Baby's baptism, lol).

Lips :
I have a crazy new love for the Catrice Lipsticks and this one is: Ultimate stay 06 Floral Coral, which I personally can't find anything coral about it, it is more of a muted rosy pink, but I'm terrible describing colors.

And this is how my makeup looks:

My concern so far this month has been complimenting my paler skin with colors and products I believe are nice and suitable for the season!
What about you? has you makeup bag had some radical changes with the end of summer? are you still rocking the same stuff? Let me know your opinions!!