NOTD: 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Grey and colour

So Friday it is, and there I go with another manicure for the 52 weeks challenge! The prompt for this week is Grey and colour and I've already been peeping my mates contributions and there are so many wonderful ideas you wouldn't believe it.

Ok, I admit it, grey is my least favourite colour (?). Most shades of grey look horrible against my skin (or is it my skin looking dreadful against them? go figure). Thing is, I do not own a ton of grey polishes, but I do own a ton of purple polish and I really like grey-purple combo so at least that part was clear ;).

For today's mani I had to use the fan brush technique (remember each participant gets its own personal technique for this challenge). It's been ages since I last used a fan brush so it was kind of difficult for me to come up with an idea, so I decided to go simple (well, don't I do that always?). I worked with the following polishes: my grey is Zoya Satin Tove, Essence white wild ways, YSL Mauve popeline, Essence Oh my glitter, EssieNo more film. The fan brush I used is from this brush set from Born Pretty Store.

I painted two nails (index and pinkie) plain grey and the rest with a white base over which I created a gradient with the fan brush and three shades of purple. Finally I painted with grey over the gradient creating a pointy triangle. I freehanded that part and I'm not proud of it, I should have given it more time to dry and worked with striping tape, but I was lacking in the time department, so the result is what it is. 

I hope you like my manicure and please do not forget to take a look to the wonderful creations with colour and grey on the list! there is something for everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Life and StuffYes! Rejoice! Rejoice! baby was asleep at 9.30 PM what allowed me to write this post, oh, I don't know if it will last but it is a beginning and it feels so nice. On other random news, today it rained all day with such violent wind gusts that my ikea table was literally swiped from my balcony! I've been stuck inside with the children all day and we baked a chocolate chips cake for my hubby's b-day tomorrow. My boy was super excited to be cooking, it was cool!


  1. never tried fan brush technique before :) Definitely want to try now. Love the manicure :)

  2. ☺ So we had the same style prompt - i'm doing my rounds to all the blog and i like your interpretation i would be able to make a triangle without striping tape - great job!

  3. That is so chic, Nati and how's motherhood? Glad to see you posting! Hugs!

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  4. It's a very unique and eye-catching design for sure. I like the contrast in this nail art.

  5. Spettacolare!!! E invece il grigio è uno dei colori che preferisco ^^

  6. I like how the wonderful gradient peeks through the gray shade. This is a great idea!

  7. Such a beautiful manicure I love the colour combination you used and I love love love the purple gradient. It also looks so fitting with your blog colours :D xx

  8. Beautiful nail art. It's like a mini galaxy on your nails.

  9. i've never used a fan brush! I like how this turned out =)


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