Happy Friday lovelies!
For the 21st issue of the Nail Art Challenge called "40 Great Nail Art Ideas" the prompt is FASHION. Are you ready to enjoy over 40 nail art designs dedicated to this theme??

I usually do my nail art during the weekends, so I'm usually enough "ahead" of my challenges schedule. Last weekend was super busy with my boy's birthday party, to which follow a not less hectic week trying to put everything together for my upcoming vacation. So this time nail art is less than simple. If that is even possible!

All I have is a lovely nude nail polish and some lace stamping, trying to recreate NOTHING, because I was lacking time. It is a shame because it was one of my favorite prompts, but what can you do?
I promis to re-post a Fashion related mani as soon as I am less busy!

In the meantime here are some lovely nude and black lace dress by Elie Saab, which has sort of inspired my mani, I find it gorgeous!

For this manicure I first painted two coats of  OPI Humidi-tea (from the newest OPI New Orleans collection) and waited for it to dry completely. I then stamped  using Essence Black is back, Born Pretty Store Stamping plate BP-L030 which is an stamping plate entirely dedicated to lace patterns.

What do you think of this simple manicure? I'm sure my challenge pals have been way more original and creative, so please visit the link-up here below to find many more Fashion inspired nails!!

Life and Stuff
This weekend will be very busy! I had mountains of laundry to do and need to start packing and checking my "lists" for the trip to Argentina. Yep, I have several lists when I travel. In case you missed it, yesterday I was boring everyone chitchatting about my upcoming vacations. Anything other than cleaning, washing, doing laundry and packing will be a pleasant surprise in my weekend! LOL

What about you? What are you up to this weekend? Wishing you a fantastic one my lovelies!