Hello, sweeties! I hope you had a great weekend. I'm so impatient about our trip it doesn't even feel like a Monday. Only two more days and we'll be flying to Argentina!
Let's try to focus on today's post, though. Continuing with the "ABC Challenge", today I have another untried nail polish to show you. Today's choice is a well-known Swiss brand: Mavala and the shade 311 Ivory beige.

What is ABC Challenge?
It is a challenge, organized by Helena from Lacky Corner, we are doing with some Facebook fellows who love and collect nail polish and have a lot of colours that have never been tried.The scope of the challenge is to start using those untried nail polishes in alphabetical order! Today is the turn of letter "I".

Mavala Ivory Beige is a fantastic palette cleanser, you know when you had enough of neons, glitters and in your face nail art, this tender and soft beige is a nice choice. This nail polish was launched in Fall 2013 as part of the Sublime collection. I originally got it as I thought it could be a great nail art base, and I still think so, however, it was forgotten in a drawer for some reason, I never used it until now!

What is a "crelly nail polish"? "Crelly" is an invented word combining "Crème" and "jelly", both known nail polish finishes. While a crème is a traditional nail polish with a creamy consistency, an uniform color without any kind of shimmer and usually opaque in two coats, "jelly" nail polish is translucid and cannot be built to full opacity (in theory). A jelly has a slightly more gel-like consistency making the application more difficult (in some cases). A "crelly" is a hybrid of both finishes, usually easier to apply consistency than a jelly with a higher transparency than a crème. 

Ivory beige is a neutral toned light beige crelly with an incredible gloss. I have a miss and hit experience with Mavala nail polishes, but this time, it is a hit! What you see in the pictures is two coats of Ivory beige (it could use a third one if you'd like more opacity), without topcoat. The drying time is in the longish side, but nothing terrible (after swatching the incredibly fast drying Cuccio polishes I really feel the difference! everything else seems to take forever and a day to dry :P ). I haven't tested the wearing time of this one, because I only wore it for a day. But it was in perfect conditions when I removed it.

The consistency is good to work with, I don't have a special remark about the brush, except that is a thin old school one, and if you are used to modern wide brushes, it may take a bit of practice to get it right. This has a drugstore price, I think I payed around 5 CHf for it. I can't think of anything negative about it! I love it, and I will be using it as nail art backgroun very soon!

Please, visit  my challenge mates here below for more beautiful nail polish swatches :)

Have a wonderful week!