"I have enough body butter and moisturizers" you won't hear me saying. Ever.
I am a skincare junkie and can't contain my excitement when in front of a new set of body butter blends like the one I have to show you today! I got these pretty little jars from Cuccio Naturalé, and... well, if you please, keep reading after the jump!

And... I'm delighted!
Cuccio Naturalé butter selection is meant to be used for body, hands and feet, formulated with natural ingredients and scents, and they are NOT tested on animals (thumbs up for that!). The brand claims their moisturizing formula relieves its benefits up to 24 hours after application.

These are the 8 scents available:

Pomgranate & Fig

Milk & honey

Lemongrass & lavender

White Limetta & aloe vera

Papaya & Guava

Vanilla bean & sugar

Coconut & white ginger

Tuscan citrus & herb

I have tested all 8 blends and they are so delicious I can't even pick one over the other. I have a slight preference for White limetta & Aloe Vera, Coconut & white ginger, and oh gosh Papaya & Guava is so transporting it makes me feel I'm on holiday in the Caribbean (yep I might need a larger jar of that one definitely). But they are all a pleasant olfactive experience!

Concerning the hydrating benefits, the product delivers a nice hydration and nourishes the skin. I have terrible dry patches, especially in winter and these butters have been of great help in the past weeks. They feel lightweight and they sink in the skin almost immediately, without leaving an oily or sticky residue. I wouldn't go as far as to say the moisturizing effect lasts for 24 hours, but it is decently longlasting for me -8 hours- considering that as a mom of two I am always "washing something" lol, I don't mind reapplying it!

The Cuccio Naturalé Butters are available at www.beautykosm.ch in two sizes: 224gr (RRP 33.00 CHF) and 42 gr (RRP 19.00 CHF) which I find ideal for travelling or keeping in my purse.

Do you use body butter as moisturizing? Do you enjoy scented skin care products? is there any of the above mention catching your attention?

(Tomorrow is the "big travel" day, wish me luck!!)