Hello my sweeties!
For the 22ndh appointment with the 52 Weeks Nail Art Challenge we have a colour prompt which is "pastels". Here you can enjoy over 40 nail art designs in these soft shades! ;-)

Today is a colour prompt that ought to be combined with my personal technique prompt which is: Houndstooth / tweed / plaid. For the sake of simplification I went with a stamping manicure.

Strangely enough, I don't own many pastel shades. I love pastel nails, but for some reason, when I'm shopping for nail polish those do not seem very attractive to make it to my shopping cart. But I do own some really nice soft shades which could be easily included in the "pastel" category and one of them is "Leah" from Zoya Satins Collection.

I hesitated a lot before stamping with konad special polish black and the  Moyou London Fashionista plate 09 (which is stamping paradise for houndstooth/tweed lovers. While I knew exactly that I wanted to use that plate I had a hard time choosing one design from it. I also hesitated whether to use black or not, because to keep it into the pastel theme another pastel shade would have been great. But I do not have any pastel shade that stamps well enough, so finally used the black one.

What do you think of pastel colours on manicures? Yay or nay? Would you say Zoya Leah qualifies as a pastel shade?

For much more pastel inspiration check the link-up here below.

Life and Stuff

I'm writing this from the sunny Argentina! I've been silent the last couple of days because jet-lag adapting has been terrible for my baby girl, and we needed an extra dose of patience than usual. But she's finally napping at a convenient time, so mum can take a couple of minutes to share a bit on the blog ;)

The trip has been great, we had no inconvenient, children behave like little angels! but we did end up super tired because it is so darn long. It took us a whole day to recover from the fatigue, and a second day to catch up with jetlag (specially the little ones). But we are all very happy to enjoy some quality time with the family. 

What have you done this weekend? Have a nice evening my lovelies!