Happy Friday!
For the 24th appointment with the 52 Weeks Nail Art Challenge we have a colour prompt which is "Three shades of green". Here you can enjoy over 40 green nail art designs!

Today challenge consists in combining three shades of green with an Ikat pattern.
What is Ikat pattern? Ikat pattern is a textile pattern achieved with a special dying technique. In Ikat technique the fabric is not tied and dyed (since that would be tie-dye technique) but the yarns are dyed prior to weaving the fabric :) You can find a more thorough explanation in Wikipedia and if that interests you here is a video that shows how to paint different simple Ikat patterns! 

Here are the three shades of green I chose for my nail art: OPI I'm so Swamped, OPI That's Hula-rious, OPI This color is making waves.

I wanted to do something original instead of the ikat pattern you can frequently see on nail art. I decided to combine stamping and free hand techniques. I first pinted my nails with OPI I'm so Swamped, then stamped an ethnic pattern from the Bundle Monster plate  BMXL-22 using OPI That's Hula-rious and added some hand painted tiny lines with OPI This color is making waves trying to give a smudged effect. I applied one coat of top coat to sealed the design and that was it!

Do you like this design? What do you think of the shades of green I chose? which other colours would you hve chosen?
 Don't hesitate to leave a comment and to see many other nail designs in different shades of green check the link-up here below.

Life and Stuff

I'm finally back home after traveling for 27 hours with two exhausted children. We are all three stil suffering jet-lag, hence the strange posting time today. We have spent two wonderful weeks in Argentina, and we have much enjoyed sharing with the family.

I have many ideas and draft posts in the boiler that I wasn't able to publish during my vacation, so get ready to see many posts in the few next days. Have a wonderful weekend!