Hello lovelies! Happy SPRING!!
Today is the March Equinox and officially the end of Winter and beginning of Spring ♥♥♥ !!!
As promised, I'm publishing a round-up of the first part of my  personal Pan Project called "Season's makeup challenge". Keep reading after the jump to find out how well I did using up makeup this winter.
If you are new to the blog (welcome!) or if you've missed my previous posts on the subject, you can read why I've created this challenge here.
This challenge is very simple: at the beginning of a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) I will choose some pieces of makeup from my stash and post them here. By the end of that season I shall post how well (or not) I've done using them up, and propose new pieces for the following season.
The first Season of my challenge was Winter,  and I had a few weeks to used the chosen makeup. Read which pieces I picked for the first part here!

For the first part of this Challenge my choice was supposed to be modest, because I only had 6 weeks to use stuff, 2 of which I was in Argentina on vacation, not wearing makeup really :P. So, basically, I've only gone steady with the project for 4 weeks. That's not a lot, so let's see what I could achieve in that time:

The lippies

With very rare exceptions, I only wore these four lip products in the 4 weeks. I took the NYX lipgloss with me to Argentina, but as I said I almost never wore makeup there. Although I did not finish any of the lipsticks up, I think I made a good progress using them, especially the Catrice lipstick (which is my favourite). I came to the conclusion that 4 lipsticks for 4 weeks was actually too ambitious.

The eyeshadow quad

I knew from the beginning I wasn't going to use up this quad in 4 weeks. I didn't even take this one with me to Argentina. Also, I don't longer wear eyeshadow on a daily basis because with a baby I usually have to rush my makeup a lot in the mornings. That being said, I have loved using only one quad for a while, because that forced me to try different looks with the same colours and experiment different techniques of application and creativity in combining the colours. Unfortunately, I haven't documented with pictures all the different ways I could use this quad, but it is definitely something I would love to do in Spring and I will definitely choose a quad again.

The bronzer  
This is the one piece I used more steadily and religiously, I used it even if I was not wearing foundation or any other maleup on! I took it with me to Argentina and still have not even hit the pan :(
How much powder is in there?? One thing you can notice is that darker colours have been used a lot more. Those were a bit hard at the beginning of the challenge, so I searched for a solution and found a neat trick: use scotch tape to remove the first harden layer of powder! I tell you that was genius and I could use the powder more uniformely as you can see, because before only the pink parts were much deeper than the bronze and peach ones. I will most probably include this powder again in my Spring Challenge, since I love it when I'm as pale as I am now.

The looks

As I said, I wasn't very good at documenting my looks in pictures, so I only have a few to show you.

I didn't have great expectations for the first part of the challenge, but I have enjoyed the concept and focusing in using up stuff. I have already chosen the makeup pieces I will use in the Spring challenge so stay tuned because that is coming in a post next week!

If you also have some makeup in your collection that needs to be loved, you are most welcome to join me for the Spring challenge!