Happy hump-day sweeties!
Today is my last day in Argentina :-( In a couple of hours I'll be heading to the airport to take my first flight for the long, long , loooooong trip back home. The end of a vacation is always hard to overcome so I supposed a little makeup chat would cheer me up. Today I'd love to show you my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani lipstick in 714.

Well, well, If you follow my blog and read my nonsense, you might have stumbled upon my beauty resolutions post. Or maybe not. The thing is, my 2016 beauty resolutions included a no buy ban for makeup "under very strict conditions". Just to refresh your memory I said:
  • Not buy makeup unless it is absolutely necessary, let's say I run out of under eye concealer, perish the thought. 
  • Use a maximum of the "older" pieces of makeup before they end up in the bin :-(
  • Diminishing drastically the number of untried nail polishes (that today ascend to 173 !!)
  • Swatch all (or at least most) of my nail polish collection on swatching sticks before the year ends.
The post you're currently reading is a blatant violation to all I said before :-/ So bare with me, because I got a new lipstick, it wasn't "necessary" at all but I don't feel guilty in the least. So, yes, I'm I hopeless case! But I promise this will be a very, very rare exception to my resolutions, and only in the scope of cheering myself up.

I was not going to buy anything from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection, but then I got a COUPON, and a very good discount... and I couldn't resist. The packaging is so freaking fabulous!

In my defense, I only paid 10 USD for it, so it wasn't terrible for my economy. However, I didn't really need yet ANOTHER red lipstick. Just to prove you, so see the pick below and try to guess which of the swatches is the UD lippy? Can't figure it out? neither can I!!

714, is a matte lipstick, that is terribly drying on my skin. I need to wear quite a bit of lipbalm underneath to feel my chappy lips anywhere near comfy. Doing so, matte effect is diminish http a lot :( The red shade is a classic one, and not terribly unique, but so beautiful!! I can't find one good reason why the purchase would be justified, except the packaging is to DIE FOR.
I like the colour on me (although I could've added some more blush on these pics!) this kind o matte reds are so flattering! What do you think?

Other products I used for this look:

- Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream
- Vichy Dermablend Corrective stick Nude 25
YSL Le teint Encre de Peau BD40
- ELF High Definition Powder
- MAC Powder Blush in Modest
- Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow 08 Vanités
- Dolce & Gabbana Passion eyes mascara
- NYX eyebrow cake powder (dark)
- Urban Decay Gwen Stefani lipstick in 714

Have you got any of the New UD Gwen Stefani lippies? If so, which one?

Have a nice day, and see you in Switzerland tomorrow!!