Hello Sweeties! Happy Friday!
For the 31st appointment with the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge we have the prompt "floral". There is few things I love more than floral nail art, so today I went all out and put my one stroke technique to the test!

Sun is shining today and I have many things going on, more than I can handle, really. Spring cleaning and wardrobe reorganizing have been undergoing  for the past two weeks (slightly delay by the flu the past week). To add a bit of extra mess I thought of purging my cosmetics and skincare drawers as well. So my house is a real mess right now! But when I'll be done it will be gorgeous, clean and bright! I am tempted of doing some before/after shots to show you in a post later.

Enough about that, let's get into nail art business! Today's I'm showing you my first (worth showing) one stroke flower nail art. I have been wanting to try this technique and the nail art with acrylic paints for so long that when the floral prompt came along, I could not hesitate one bit: this is my chance.

You would think I'd start taking it easy, with white and pink? No mam', I just throw it all in your face with lime green, bright yellow and orange, just because I can.

For this manicure, I first painted my nails using Moda polka dots green  and once it dried I started painting with a nail art brush and Oumaxi acrylic paints what resulted being hibiscus flowers! Who would have thought I could do that. Ok, it's not perfect, but it's bright and makes me happy (who might be secretly dreaming of exotic gardens and vacations in a warm country? Uhm... I dunno).

The "technique" I used is a very unpolished one stroke, meaning you charge your brush with two colors, one on each corner and as you paint, the colours form highlights and shades. It's a very difficult technique because it requires skill, which I have not. But I'm always drooling with all the one stroke designs, and not having anyone near who can do it on my nails, I supposed I had to give it a try.

What do you think of my first one stroke manicure? I know it is too bright, but... would you wear something like this? Don't forget to visit my challenge pals! I'm sure they all came up with much better ideas for this prompt!

I'm starting a new challenge! The ABC Challenge, hosted by Emiline from the Nail Polish Society, which is inspired by the letters of the alphabet. I've recently finished an "ABC Challenge" for untried nail polish swatches, but this one will be only for nail art! We will need to be creative!
I did not know how to make my today's manicure fit the "A" prompt, but So nailicious gave me the idea (thank you sweetie!). This mani fits the first prompt of ABC Challenge as "Art of One stroke".

Stay tuned for more manicures to come!