Happy humpday sweeties! Bonjour!
It's time to present you an amazing nail polish collection from the brand Cuccio Colour, The Out of this World Collection, inspired by outer space theme. Such an amazing collection for the nailistas! Absolutely all the shades have an interesting and unique twist. Keep reading to see what I mean.

I received the Cuccio Colour "Petite Palette Collection" which includes all the 6 shades of the Out of this World Collection for my unbiased review. Really cute little bottles (mini size, 3.7 ml), in this packaging! You know that Cuccio Colour polishes mini size have a really good brush, which is not true for all professional brands. 

I was really excited while swatching them and couldn't wait to share my opinion with you. The collection is built upon variety and uniqueness. Each shade has a unique finish and characteristic, there are not six versions of one same polish here! This is a collection that is totally worth buying as a whole rather than choosing the shade that suits your skin tone best. I can't say this enough: the quality of the polishes is excellent. For those I could try so far, they all have great formulations, their application is a breeze and the polishes are very pigmented and long-wearing. 
Here you are the swatches:

The Foil 

Space Cadet:
An absolutely stunning vibrant fuchsia pink with a reflecting foil finish. Completely even and opaque in ONE coat! I've done two coats just in case. Pictures don't do justice to this beauty, it is so gorgeous in real life! Definitely my favourite in this collection. My pictures show two coats without topcoat.

The Metallic

Satellite my Fire:
A burnt orange/red metallic that seems to glow from within. Another "one coater" that doesn't terribly show brushstrokes. I did two coats for the sake of close-ups and because it makes the shade look deeper. I did not use a topcoat (pretty glossy on its own, right?).

The Scattered Glitter on Black Base

Big Bang Theory:
A black jelly-creme with scattered multicolour glitter. It needed two coats to be opaque. Black with glitter is very, very difficult to make! Many brands have tried and failed miserably. But let me tell you, this is so well done! The black has the perfect consistency so that the glitter sees through it, the polish does not cover the glitter (hello, China Glaze!) but the glitter shows through. Equally, the glitter doesn't sit on top disgracefully (hello, most drugstore brands!). It's not my favourite kind of polish, but if you like black with multicolour glitter this is the one.
My pictures show two coats without topcoat!

The Dense Glitter 

Beam me up: 
A gorgeous rose-pink glitter, that is flattering on many skin tones! It's been a long time since I've worn a dense glitter polish as full manicure, simply because it is difficult to remove! So, Cuccio Colour, you need to come up with a peel off base coat, so we can wear this glittery goodness more often! I used a regular base coat and no top coat for my swatches. I find three coats work best with this shade, as it has a clear base.

The duochrome

Alien Nation:
OMG, would you ever guess this polish actually has a TEAL jelly base? Yep, that's it, dark teal jelly base packed with brown and bronze pigments, which gives this polish an absolutely alienating effect!
The pictures show two coats without topcoat.

The Holo Glitter on Clear Base

Out of this World:
A clear base with scattered silver holo glitter. A pure joy! I love this one, it can be used on itself (it would need three of four coats for full opacity) or layered over any other colour, to bring some awesome mesmerising sparkle! I found it very easy to remove despite it being a glitter (thumbs up for that!). My pictures show two coats without topcoat.

Undoubtedly, a great collection for someone who loves to stand out. I would totally recommend one of these sets as a gift for somebody into nail polish.

All the Cuccio Colours nail polishes are formulated without DBP and Toluene, they are exclusive to nail Salons and specialised distributors. In Switzerland, they are available at beautykosm.ch, the 6 pieces mini size set retails for 40 CHF and the full-size 13ml bottles from 15 CHF.

What do you think of these colours? Is there any of them you would wear? I am personally in love with Space Cadet and Satellite Fire.