Hello lovelies! Happy SUMMER!!
Earlier today was the summer solstice and officially the end of spring and beginning of summer♥♥♥ !!!
As promised, I'm publishing a round-up of this second part of my  personal Pan Project called "Season's makeup challenge". Keep reading after the jump to find out how well I did using up makeup this spring.
If you are new to the blog (welcome!) or if you've missed my previous posts on the subject, you can read why I've created this challenge here.
This challenge is very simple: at the beginning of a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) I will choose some pieces of makeup from my stash and post them here. By the end of that season I shall post how well (or not) I've done using them up, and propose new pieces for the following season.
The second Season of my challenge was Spring,  and I had a three months use the chosen makeup. Read which pieces I picked for the first part here!

For the second part of this Challenge my choice I was supposed to be able to finish a lot of my choices. But I haven't been consistent in using all the pieces I've chosen, I've only gone steady with the project for 8 weeks and mostly used the shadows palette and the bronzer. That's not a lot, so let's see what I could achieve:

The lippies

With very rare exceptions, I only wore these four lip products in the past months. The problem was I was not applying lip colour daily, but I used mostly lipbalms :( 
I definitely think NYX lipglosses are virtually endless!

The eyeshadows

I knew from the beginning it was not realistic to finish up a quad of baked eyeshadows in three months. But I did pretty well sticking to this quad only (with few exceptions, of course). I do wear eyeshadow almost daily. So I've used these a lot, specially the pink and champagne shades. However I'm not even close to touch the pan! But you can see the dome shape is gone :)

I have used the single shadow only twice, the colours are so pigmented and vibrant I can't see myself reaching for it more often! So this hasn't changed at all :(

The bronzer

This is the one piece I used more steadily and religiously, still, I have not even hit the pan :(
Can I ask how much powder is in there?? The darker shades in the pan are hardening and it's becoming more and more difficult to pick up the powder uniformly with my brush, I feel this lovely bronzer is dying :( I'll probably depot it (it has a little hole in the back) and keep the housing wich is beautiful! 

The blushes

Althought I have tried to use these two, I have only reached often for the Benefit Coralista one and not so much for the Chanel one! It is a pitty because it is a lovely shade and the pigmentation is very customizable. So I will most likely include the cream blush in my Summer challenge too.

The looks

This time, I took more photos of my looks, but not of all of them. They are very wearable looks for everyday.

I still enjoyed the concept of this challenge, using again some makeup that was a bit forgotten in my drawers and focusing on using up stuff. I have already chosen the makeup pieces I will use in the Summer challenge so stay tuned because that is coming in a post next week!

If you also have some makeup in your collection that needs to be loved, you are most welcome to join me for the Spring challenge!